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Dear Donald

My Personal Letter to Our President

Many people have their different opinions on President Donald J. Trump. Some believe that he is a monster for securing our borders or for refusing to acknowledge gay pride month. Some believe that he is improving this country more and more with every passing moment. Whatever their opinions may be, President Trump keeps standing for what he believes in, and he is doing everything he can to make this country the best it can be. As for my opinions, here is what I would like for my president to know: 

Dear President Donald J. Trump,

Every time I turn on the TV, there is someone going against everything you stand for. No matter the decision you’ve made, they don’t really care about what you have said. They just decide that since you said it, they’re going to get all bent out of shape over it and try to explain to others why you are “wrong”. I have supported you from the start, and I am so grateful that you have done more for our country in your first year in office than Obama could have ever dreamt about doing in all eight of his. Being our president is not just about making decisions for our country. It is also about giving people the opportunity to live their best lives. You have given so many people the opportunity to have a job. You have helped Christians live peacefully in a country that hates everything they stand for, and you have helped them stand firm in their faith because you’ve been there right beside them, supporting their beliefs. You have gone against everyone who wants to destroy you, and you’ve proved that you can do a lot for our people, even under constant fire. So, I say keep on going against the nasty women who march around Washington demanding that men surrender their rights and their whole being to them. Go against the pro-choicers who believe it’s okay to kill unborn humans that were conceived by the mother’s own doing. Go against the LGBTQ+ crowd that is trying to shove its ideals in the faces of those who don’t support them. They may be loud, but they can not make you believe in something you don’t. And another thing, build that wall. What liberals do not understand is that we welcome those who come here legally. We are trying to protect our county from illegal immigrants who believe they are entitled to everything America has to offer. We are trying to protect our country from criminals and gangs like MS-13 whos only goals are to harm our citizens. You have done so much to protect us and to better our great nation, and you know what you have to do to keep making this country great again. Do not let the liberals, gays, and abortion advocates stop you from doing what you know in your heart is good and right. Just know that I am standing behind you, supporting you all the way, and I am supporting your whole family as well. I think it is so disrespectful for those who do so to be so hateful to First Lady Melania, and all of your other family members who are trying to help you make a difference. Your family is one of class, and every single one of you deserve respect. I commend your family for being strong during your many times of hardship. Thank you for everything you and your family have accomplished, Mr. President, and for everything you all will do to keep making America great again. 


Anna Lee Vaughn

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Dear Donald
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