Yes, Obama Spied On Trump's Campaign. No, Trump Didn't Collude With Russia.

This is bigger than the Watergate Scandal. Yet most people are oblivious to its existence.

For those of you who have already forgotten, it is a known fact that the Trump campaign was being monitored through the NSA surveillance program since mid-2016. We know this because the Obama Administration filed for at least two separate FISA warrants in order to unmask the anonymity and focus on the Trump team. The first warrant request was denied. Making it one of <20 requests to have been denied (out of thousands) since the creation of the department in 1976.

For those of you who don't know what the FISA courts are; when the NSA conducts its warrantless mass surveillance on literally just about everybody, it is the only way they were able to get around the 4th amendment, as if they simply made anonymously gathered record of everybody's digital communications with one another, as well as any random electronic device with internet/networking capabilities (as we now know from The Vault 7 releases by Wikileaks) that they feel like listening in on.

Then whenever something that is picked up by the monitoring algorithms, and then deemed to be a cause for concern or a threat to the nation by officials going up the ladder, eventually they can request a warrant from a FISA Court judge to go into the database, and continue to actively monitor the identified threat to National Security more closely.

Naturally, when Trump came into office and was granted access to those classified files, that was when he tweeted that Obama tapped the phones at Trump Tower.

Poor choice of words, because then James Comey, being the lawyer that he was, was able to tiptoe around it by recording a nice bit for the media to Loop over and over again where he adamantly denied that Trump Tower had ever been "tapped". Which, technically is true. Because The intelligence service hasn't had to physically tap a phone since probably before the Patriot Act.

The media naturally had a field day making fun of Trump as being paranoid and a liar. But anybody who cared enough to watch the actual House Intelligence Committee hearings quickly became painfully aware of the facts that the media refused to cover. These serious accusations had some serious evidence to support the claims.

Personally, I was hooked to my phone listening to every hearing I could while driving Uber in San Francisco.

And the only thing different that allowed the second FISA request to go through, was the infamously debunked Trump Russia dossier, gifted by some MI-6 agent apparently. The dossier is also currently under investigation right now btw due to its absurdly ridiculous, sophomorically written scenes of peeing on prostitutes and naming their poops Obama..... Seriously, look it up. Nobody on God's good green earth can look at the words written in those pages, and think that it is anything but laughable. Has the writing of a first season South Park episode, but without the satire.

Once the Obama administration had their "evidence" of Russia trying to rig the election, it was just a matter of bringing it to the right FISA Court judge for approval.

Except for none of the 4 judges would, and it's risky to do so with such flimsy evidence. Evidence so bad that even James Comey (savior of Hillary's career during the email scandal), would come to call "salacious and unverified" during his recent Senate testimony. So how do we get what we want when there are so much risk and red tape in the way....?

Enter Obama's holdover National Security Advisor, Susan Rice. Cuz she's got some splaining to do.....

And yes, that is the sister of former Secretary of State to George W. Bush, and certified neoconservative traitor to the US, Condoleezza Rice.

Why does she have some explaining to do? Because as the National Security Advisor, she is the only person that can bypass the FISA Court judges themselves in order to get that warrant with that ridiculous 4chan troll worthy dossier signed. Especially when it was the only piece of "evidence" of Trump having contact with the Russians.

Sooooo, needless to say, Ms. Rice was gone pretty quick.

Now at this point, the house intelligence committee has established and confirmed through the mouth of Obama's own National Security Advisor, that members of the Trump team were being illegally monitored during a primary election. And not just people within the same party as his opponent. But in the same Administration.

Naturally, the next step from here would be to go over the recordings and files that were collected by the Obama Administration, that were allegedly gathered in order to determine if there was any indication of contact with Russians. Specifically, any knowledge or consent of such contact by Trump or his Inner Circle, which would make it officially collusion.

So what was in these files....?

What was said on these phone calls and recordings....?

Because the content and topics discussed on these tapes, would instantly put an end to the whole Trump Russia collusion conspiracy debate, as well as determine whether former President Obama and his cabinet, were implicitly involved in a concerted effort to cheat Donald Trump out of the election.

So why has nobody heard these you ask?

That's an excellent question. And now that it is almost a year later, I have calmed down enough to explain it without punching a hole in the nearest wall.

Because Susan Rice was forced to come forward and admit her part in all this mess, her and a few other Obama holdouts on the National Security Council, probably saw the walls coming down around them. And I am certain that they observed the Freedom of Information Act request submitted by Judicial Watch in order to make these files public and put all these Russia and wiretapping allegations to rest with the very evidence that would do that. But in May of this year, Judicial Watch received a letter stating that the National Security Council had decided to move these files to the Obama Presidential Library.

What is that you ask? Just a magical place that makes all of your treasonous transgressions disappear long enough to sit around comfortably and attempt to support the new democratically-elected president and his administration while remaining close enough to communicate with those still Within positions of power on the DL.

Because once files are I've submitted to the Obama Presidential Library, they are impervious to FOIA requests for as long as five years.

So ya..... Nothing to see here...... Just flushing our stash of evidence that will easily bring charges upon those within the Obama Administration that could range anywhere from subversion, and due to the fact that there were foreign agents involved in an attempt to subvert a Democratically elected president and his administration, even treason.

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Yes, Obama Spied On Trump's Campaign. No, Trump Didn't Collude With Russia.
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