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Writing a New Constitution

A Radical Idea

Here is a radical idea to bring about social change. The Constitution is constantly in motion, in flux. We need to write a new one altogether since The Civil Rights Act is a major change made in 1964. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 allowed employees to sue their employers for discrimination. There have been major amendments to the Constitution but we as a country need to rewrite it to suit us. This is why I’m proposing rewriting the Constitution altogether to reflect modern times and a desire to state that we are all social equals without regard to race, religion or political leaning.

Like it or not, we all live under the freedoms the Constitution has given us. Segregation was ruled unconstitutional, as an example of what civil rights amendments have done. After the Civil War, all men regardless of race had the right to vote. But the right to share public spaces with whites was not given until July 2nd, 1964 where segregation was declared illegal. Actually, segregation was not good for business. This is why it was made illegal because it wasn’t able to hold up much longer as a tactic anyway.

The Constitution has to be written to reflect equality for each citizen. Constitutional law declares the right to free speech, a fair trial, and the right to be free from various kinds of discrimination. The Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, which establish the executive, legislative, and judicial branch of the federal government. The 13th Amendment was about making slavery illegal. Not only is there one overall version of the Constitution, each state has it’s own Constitution because really, the big one was “a compromise between many competing interests, and philosophies present in society at the time of it’s drafting.

(What Is Constitutional Law)

Our Constitution has amendments added to it over the years, which is almost a rewrite that is initiated by the government. The rule of law is something many non-fascist politicians take on. Freedom of speech is one constitutional right, which means that the government cannot take away or suspend freedom of speech. Many of us are unaware that in other countries, this is not possible. Constitutional lawyers are there to challenge any situation in which freedom of speech is assaulted or curtailed. The law is often left up to the States.

Due process happens daily to legal residents of the United States. The 1954 Brown Vs. Brown Board of Education was what set off the civil rights movement in the first place. Same-sex marriage was recently legalized in 2015 with the Obergefell Vs. Hodges case. Some claim that religious liberty prevents them from giving their workers proper insurance such as Hobby Lobby who “argues that the mandate to provide insurance covering abortions violates the religious liberties of people who own and run the corporation” ( In addition, Constitutional lawyers do not have to show up to court daily but once a month with time to prepare for their appearance.

Constitutional law leads to a path as a judge. The Constitution needs to reflect how the United States as a people can treat their citizens or for that matter, the current issue with non-citizens held in detention centers. The Amendments to the Constitution have long been added with the legislature but the thing is, that we need to update the Constitution in more detail. It is a living document that can put up with a great deal of change. We need to ever increase the rules since Presidents can only have two terms anyway. The rise of the alt-right has everybody deeply worried about what our constitution says about the law. These times are tense on everybody because we don’t know what’s around the corner or why the white supremacists are running for office to complete their fascistic agenda. People want to live an easy life this is why fascism is taking root in a flawed democracy like the United States. 

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Writing a New Constitution
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