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Words to Donald Trump

Piece of my mind to the President

Dear Donald Trump,

How does it feel knowing that you are contributing to women not feeling certain about themselves? With your history, you've encouraged men who only see women as objects to push their ideals onto women, and themselves in women, without feeling it is necessary to get a genuine "yes" out of them first. What will be the point of women having brains of their own if your mindsets will keep them from being taken seriously, as they venture off into career paths of their choice? From the sound of it, you crave for the days where women can't get writing published unless they had male pen names, as well as believe that their potential isn't enough for them, but more than enough for a man. Do you think things will be better for everyone working if in an act of malicious compliance, all women stopped their jobs, and left the extra hassle for the men to deal with?

How does it feel knowing that LGBT+ advocates who are already scared of what might happen if they express themselves, fear that they have to be punished for telling the truth? Is it better that an orphaned child will grow up to have abandonment issues, or feel like they shouldn't have been born if the alternative was that they'd have two moms or two dads that will remind this child however they can that they are loved unconditionally as parents should? It's bad enough that a boy within school walls gets harassed by close-minded fools whenever he sheds a tear, or wants to perform, but a country where medical attention can be denied all, because someone can't love like a straight person? Obviously, your Vice President would prefer broken spirits via conversion therapy, but all you two will cause is people to be scared to build bridges, or open their closet doors, because they value their lives too much to take the risk. Even if extreme homophobia won't kill a closeted person, their anxiety eventually will.

How does it feel knowing you're tearing families apart only because of their places of origin? Just because someone isn't born in this country doesn't mean they don't have a right to be with their families. Something tells me you need to take history classes again, so that you would be reminded that America is technically founded and built by immigrants. No kid deserves to die without the knowledge of their parents' whereabouts, or the knowledge that their parents want the family to be whole again. Your actions are causing people who already rate themselves higher than certain others based on skin color to feel encouraged to be more aggressive in their principles, implying that more people with color should "return to their countries." Does making America great mean erasing the progress made for equality, just to give yourself an increased income and an ego boost?

How will it feel when you find us; there are still those of us who won't give in to your ideas so easily? For one, just as you use social media to tear people down, we are using social media as a way to help build one another up, and remind each other how valid we are no matter how "abnormal" we might be. Will it be a nightmare when you find out that those of us who are diverse in various degrees will stand together, and create a wall to block out all the hate against us that won't be torn down so easily? I hope you enjoy your last months in charge of the country, cause those of us of different genders, sexual identities, cultures, races, etc. won't back down, and we will continue to fight until we are no longer seen as abnormal.


A female, biracial, part-Hispanic, heteroflexible aspie with her head on her shoulders.