Will Trump Be Impeached

The motions are in the works.

So this is happening! Normally I do not like to really get involved in political things. However this just sort of seems irritating to me as well as unlogical. I mean it is logical to want to impeach a president that does not do a whole lot besides sit around to bark orders.

Well, here is a little bit about the president that we have or should I say they have elected. He appointed two cabinet members... one of which was prosecuted for sexual assault and one of which who is a known white supremacist. Then after one tragic shooting, he tweets about it but confuses it for another shooting that occurred weeks prior. Then he tweeted an apology using the excuse that being president is just a lot harder than he originally surmised. By the way, the apology was issued at three in the morning. That is the president that America wanted and now the Democrats are saying that he is too racist... and just not a good guy. I understand that people make mistakes, but Trump keeps making them, and instead of addressing the public like a president should he is on Twitter more than a school girl. Not to mention he doesn't seem to know what is going on in the very country that he is running. Everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion, but I feel that it is idiotic that everyone is so mad at him when they are the very same people that voted him into office. Like seriously? You guys really thought he would be the best prez ever?

They would really like to prosecute Trump for obstructing justice for firing Comey. It was that decision that left Trump within Mueller's crosshairs whether intentional or not. There are of course other things that Mueller is very keen to get to the bottom of which he was reported to of said in an interview.

There is, though, a reason for caution. Even if Mueller finds probable cause that Trump did indeed obstruct justice, it is unclear whether the president would be prosecuted. In 1973, during the fallout from Watergate under President Richard Nixon, if you think about it, we could have another situation such as that. But Mueller finding that Trump obstructed justice would add weight to impeachment attempts. Already, multiple articles of impeachment have been introduced by Democrats accusing Trump of obstructing justice as well as racism.

The odds of a Trump impeachment in 2017 are currently sitting at 4/1. If he makes it through his first year in the White House, however, it seems the likelihood that Trump will last a full four years will jump considerably. The odds of a Trump’s impeachment in 2018 are currently at 9/1.

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