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Why the UN is Touring the US


How do we make it better? This is a rant, an opinion, a talking point and a life on the edge. 

Here it is... My life has been one up and down, mostly down, after another. I can't seem to get to a place of any comfort. Whether it be for my mind or for my broken body.  This isn't the land of opportunity anymore. No, this is not a level playing field.

Why is the UN touring the poorest cities in our country? Why are we reading articles that show how much you need to earn in order to be able to rent even a small two bedroom every state...

Check this out... People are dying in Chicago at an alarming rate...ALARMING... More people are living on the streets, daily...and not by choice... Chances are you know someone, you are connected to someone that is struggling...

The UN is here because there is a human condition of loss/death, illness, homelessness that is growing in the country at such a pace that their eyes had to turn to the US... They have no other choice but to come here and find out what the hell is going on. You don't want the UN here... Tough Shit! In their simplest definition, they are to help stop travesty and tragedy that a country can't seem to stop on their own. So why wouldn't their eyes turn to the US...

How can we say we are from the country in the world when this is going on...???

Poverty seems to be the key...POVERTY...

The average minimum wage is 7.25 an hour. The average money needed an hour for the poorest states are 14.72 an hour in order to be able to put a meager roof over their heads. How is one person supposed to house themselves? WAIT...what if there are two people that make 7.25 an hour...Still just not close add kids to the mix... WTF... No wonder people are pissed...walking around angry...hopeless...people are dying...DYING...

Did you know that the average hourly wage today has the same buying power as it did in the 70s... Let that sink in. The 70s had high inflation and our parents struggled too... But in 45 the numbers...the money hasn't changed for us.. those of us reaching to our middle age...for our children who are struggling to's worse. In the mid 70s the average hourly rate was 4.03. ...and we are only making just a bit over 3 dollars an hour more in 45 years!!!

A gallon of milk in 1970 was $ it is $3.29.

A gallon of gas .36 $2.50.

So how do we fix it? Can we fix it?

This is not the land of we all do not have the same "chances" as the next...The playing field is not level... And unless you have been where I am right will probably disagree with me... I said the same thing...if you just worked harder...go to school...etc...I have said it!! It's just not true.

So when you start posting about the UN is here and they need to leave and this that or the other... While you sit in your comfortable the fire...staring at your tree surrounded by presents...while you plan your seven course meal and think of all the leftovers you will have... While you go to all your parties...while you share how wonderful your life is... Remember, someone gave you a break...someone helped you somewhere along the road...Luck was on your side...

In the mean time...people are dying...starving...struggling...not asking for help...working their asses off... Those that are trying to make their own luck when hopelessness is all around them... There might even be a few on your street, but you are too afraid to look...

Now... this is not being down on you for having those things... Chances are you deserve them...but do not belittle others that do have by saying they do not work hard or have not been trying or that they chose this... For chances are that is just not the case... 

We the people suffer for a few...

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Why the UN is Touring the US
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