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Why Oprah Might Not Be The Best Choice For Presidency

Short Answer: Politics. Surprised Yet?

The Golden Globes did nothing for Oprah but push her further up the social ladder than the top, where she was already sitting. But is presidency in her future, and could we see her and her speeches multiple in 2020?

Since her inspirational Golden Globe speech went viral, talks of "Oprah 2020" has risen from whispers, to chatter, to potentially possible. We considered what she would wear to her inauguration. We pondered her poll numbers and thought about potential venues to showcase her inspirational speeches about how she would change the world. We came up with strategic ways for her to campaign her presidency through her talk show. Most of all, we eagerly restarted the countdown to Trump's dethroning.

But now that we've had some time to consider this for a while, a few questions come to mind: by running for a position as a celebrity billionaire with no experience in the White House, would this not be a repeat of what Trump has already infamously done? What are the chances that she will face the same difficulties that Hillary had, (as a woman and an African American one, at that) despite how far our generation has come? Is she different enough from both of these ex-potentials to make a big enough difference in a new and economically-effective career? While our favorite talk show queen checks off a lot of very convincing, positive points here, there is still a lot to be said about where we really need America to be in the next few years.

Through simple observation, it is clear that America has a repetitive pattern of electing presidential candidates into office who are polar opposites of their predecessor. The people look for someone who can fill the holes that were left from the previous candidate, making sure the flaws they left behind are addressed. So in order for Oprah to succeed, she would need to appeal to Trump supporters as someone who is able to pick up what he is very clearly unable to put down. Simple, right?

In retrospect, we may be missing one thing: the reasons why Hillary did not win was not because she was a woman. In fact, she passed the interview process with flying colors. She has ample experience in the White House, has studied and analyzed the political world from the front row, and knew exactly what to say to convince her potential employers that she was the right fit for the job. But how long has she been pining for said job and not been able to influence America, perhaps, similarly to the way Michelle Obama can, and has? Theaters and auditoriums sell out within minutes for shows that highlight Michelle's advice, life experience and visions for the future. Hillary is not able-minded enough to have this effect on the variety of generations that are simply waiting for a woman to take the reigns. Imagine: If the presidency was as simple as Michelle Obama vs. Hillary Clinton, who would be better for the job?

In a reflection of Michelle herself, even Oprah has a bigger head start in the speech department. She is one of the greatest influencers of our generation today, with the power to adhere our minds to her words just by entering a room. But if "talk is cheap" and Oprah is a repeat of the empty promises we are seeing in our world today, we might be asking ourselves if social status has finally become a mandatory, highlighting factor in the way we choose our leaders. If we are seriously thinking about backing another novice, maybe we should consider just how effective they will be in carrying the world on more than the words that come out of their mouth.

I think it is safe to say that despite what people might be thinking at the moment, Oprah is much smarter than all this. She lacks the shameless ability to hide unpreparedness, and she's never had a political topic on her show that could be relatively close to demonstrating her ability to put that such political action into effect. Even if the world is slowly coming to terms with the fact that social norms are beginning to consider "likes" as voting ballots for a potential presidential election, Oprah will continue to succeed in a niche that she knows she will always be on top of.

On the flip side, if Michelle Obama ran for president, that could be a nice change in pace, don't you think?

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Why Oprah Might Not Be The Best Choice For Presidency
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