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Why I Want to Run for President

Hold Your Horses, Nobody Email Me All at Once

First of all, I’m shy. I’m dreadfully shy. So nobody break down my email box with emails, please. I want to run for Governor of California and serve as the Senator of Los Angeles when I move to Sacramento, after getting my Ph.D. along with everything else, which is on my blog or Facebook page, and then I become a congressional representative in Washington, D.C. After that, the door is wide open to run for president. The old Man used to say that being president is a man’s job, and how dare I even think it?

Oh, well, sexism is a conservative value he would not attribute to the conservative mindset. I’m a vile centrist who is good at getting people to build common ground. Running for office makes me able to be the change I wish to see in the world. Many people have a similar idea to run for president, not just me. I’m sure that budding politicians who read this understand there will be opposition; I just didn’t expect to find it in my own family. I mean, I deal with enough.

My last three-month average was a 7.1% or 157mg/dl average. I’m stable in more ways than one if others on this platform have read my other work. I’m able to get a lot of change going if I become a US President. I mean I’d make my cabinet full of high-profile disabled people/people with chronic illness. I’d do this because my companies are going to focus on hiring disabled/chronically ill people. I’m going to be a benevolent and reasonable employer. I’m busy dealing with a lot of health stuff right now, which will always be there. I have got to quit waiting around for XYZ to be different.

I’m going to eventually run for president, after I get all my degrees. At Foothill College, I ran for president. I learned that I was a great politician, and that I could handle failing when running for any position in student government. I mean I’d flashback to failing because back then, I didn’t know what CPTSD was back then. I didn’t even have a schizophrenia diagnosis on top of that. I had to wait until I was 30 to line up proper treatment for myself as my family was busy manipulating me into avoiding that, and being unstable also.

The only way to have a significant impact on making a different in the world is for me to run for office of all kinds, period. Myself, as Governor of California, yes that would be interesting. Governors have all kinds of responsibilities. I even thought of running for Mayor of Los Angeles. As it is, I want my knee to heal so I can go to volunteer work with organizations that help the homeless. San Jose has a huge homeless problem, but I hear it is even worse in Los Angeles.

I have been working on making sure that I am polite to most people I encounter, except those who think my disability means you can waste my time. This is ridiculous because I cannot stand it when people misuse, mismanage, or waste my time, period. I have only so much time in my day like everybody else. Sure, I do not look 38, but that’s why I don’t post pictures. If I were president, I’d make sure that full-time hours became thirty-five hours a week. I’d also make sure that every company had paternity leave and work-life balance. My ultimate platform though is making sure disabled people find decent jobs, and remain employed with a decent wage.

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Why I Want to Run for President
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