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Why I Want to Run for Office

Because It Is One of the Things I Want To Do

I want to make a difference in the world. First I’m going to get onto the Work2Future board in San Jose, which meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month. I can get to this meeting, first thing. Second, I have to run for District 10, or my home district. I want to get more involved with District 10. This is the same reason I want to run for office in the California State Senate. I went to see the State Senate both in 8th grade for a class trip to Sacramento, and in junior college with student government. I can start off by becoming a City Commissioner appointed for three years. I can also become a District 10 volunteer. There is even a way to become a city volunteer.

Then I will run for Mayor, and then I will run for California State Senate for one term. After that, who knows? I want to go to law school precisely so I can work on social problems. I want to help other people with disabilities like mine get medications or get away from their abusive families if they have a situation like that. It is also why I want to study mental health and the law. I want to get a joint MBA from Santa Clara where I plan on going to law school but first I have to get into a paralegal program, preferably online, and try to learn that subject really well before I get the LSAT book, which will mean I have to try to study. For all this to happen, I need a steady work from home job, and a steady, part-time, out of the house job. I will get a current LSAT book that will last me until 2020.

I have to go back to school to finish my general ed retakes, my pre-med stuff, and my pre-law classes as well. I just need to get my grades up. Back when I was a caffeine addict, my grades were not so good. I tried to get good grades, but my writing was affected by my schizophrenia. These days, however, my writing is improved. My medication in the past only took care of part of the problem after all. But this time, 2018, is a great year to get a medication. There are more types of medications for schizophrenia than ever which are available, that can take care of the whole problem.

Now that I’m a clean caffeine addict, and sober as well, I am prepared to get really good grades although I have to learn to be satisfied with a B+, which is what I got in my Penn Foster online private investigation school. I’m an A student at though with a solid 94%. I get good grades on papers in the present. It was hard to write in the past though, with my every symptoms haunting me. I want to run for office because I want to change the world. I hope I do something significant while in office, but I’m not sure what is, perhaps being a poster child for my disability.

Or maybe finishing law school while being a public official. I can’t take on too much since that causes me stress and mania but I can try to balance my law degree with my MBA so I have to take business classes at the junior college level a well. They have an online psychology program, and an online business program at Foothill. The psychology will be studied for my M.S. in psychology, which will come after my law degree. Then it will be my M.D./medical scientist/psychiatry program at UCLA including a Ph.D./M.D. joint program in the same breath. I want to become a psychiatrist but of course, there is no money for that right now.

I need a part-time work from home job, and a part-time outside of the house, retail job, just to sustain the academic lifestyle. Some classes will be online but the pre-med will be in the classroom like biology and chemistry. I want to get a lot of the prerequisites done at the junior college levels. This is my plan. I just need somebody to give me a job already. 

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Why I Want to Run for Office
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