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Why Everything Is Made in China These Days

Does Anybody Else Find This Frustrating or Is It Just Me?

Seriously, you can’t even find a decent American flag that is made in America these days. I’m not kidding. Go to any store, look around. You cannot find anything made in the USA. We Americans have a retail habit. We like keeping the institution of the store around. Yes, China is developing a huge manufacturing industry, but only because Made in the USA is a rare, hard to find breed, while “Made in China,” is everywhere.

“Made in China” needs to be regulated some more since American manufacturing is through the toilet. Why do we not manufacture things in the United States anymore? Why is it all farmed out to the rest of the world? There is this thing called “Made in China, 2025,” which is all about China improving its manufacturing situation. The thing is, China would like to cut its reliance on foreign technology, however, this website points out that China’s industry has way too many grievances with other foreign powers. The Chinese government is responsible for intellectual property theft, coerced technology transfer, and China’s perfectionism which is like shooting themselves in the foot.

In June 2018, China offered to buy $70 billion in American goods, for one year. The U.S.-China trade war is intensifying. I have trouble finding brands that are Made in the USA. All USA Clothing is one such company. All the USA has are jeans that are made in the USA. The dark truth of the situation is that they feel that China is not looking for win-win trade situations. China wants to take over the world with its goods. China wants to become the ultimate manufacturing diva while screwing the rest of the world over.

You see, China is not that stable because it imports 90 percent of its semiconductor components. China has immense disregard for intellectual property, they discriminate against foreign firms, treating even themselves in a preferential manner to enhance their firms only. They are all too willing to throw others under the bus. China’s grandiose plans are putting off the rest of the world. China tries to dabble in industries such as robotics, advanced information technology, aviation, and new energy vehicles. China wants to become a “manufacturing superpower”. From what I gather in this piece, China is relying on imports more than its own manufacturing, as the United States relies on imports. The list in the above paragraph, from, is all about made in the USA goods. What if we all started to buy more made in the USA goods?

China is busy denying countries such as Germany equal access to invest in Chinese firms. I would say these trade wars come out of a problem with diametrically opposed values. Maybe honesty is not valued in China as it is for the rest of the world. We don’t know what they really want to attempt to do, which is probably take over the whole planet via manufacturing.

The United States needs to keep themselves in the game. Manufacturing being sent to China means that the United States needs to keep its foot in the game. We have to bring some of that back to America. Why? Because our own industry will stagnate if we don’t. Maybe “Made in the USA” companies aren’t as prevalent now, but I’m hoping that in the future, that changes. I want to buy made in the USA laptops, and right now, that’s hardly possible. Laptops are all made in China. This needs to change.  

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Why Everything Is Made in China These Days
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