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Why Do I Act 'Woke'?

I always get the question 'Why are you so woke?'

I always get the question "Why are you so woke?" and I just cannot stand this question; it literally irritates so much. Just because of the fact that I don't let people tell me anything they want to while you just sit there and accept it does not mean I’m woke. I don't always say things to people when they are in the wrong but I know what I can handle. That's like when The Today Show made a model of what they say Queen Nefertiti would have looked like and it was a tan white woman, even though everyone with sense would know that Egyptians were black. I mean, they were in Africa in the Archaic period. After that, Twitter went to town on The Today Show, making sure they knew that Egyptians were black. I would not call that woke, though. It's just that people love being ignorant so I mean why not just cut them off right at the start?

I mean, I could sit in class and just listen to people talk like they were born yesterday and try and educate me on slavery, segregation, and racism now. Oh and also I hate when people think they know more about my history than me. I mean, of course, you know and understand why segregation was right, right? I mean, I guess I can somehow understand how you think it is acceptable to separate people of a different race from you because you do not like the way they look, you think they are gross or you are mad at them because they didn't want to be your slaves anymore.

One thing I can say is I love to hear words come out of certain people's mouth saying that "black people" are lazy. Then when I mention something to them they just say they are stating facts. I mean if we are stating facts, African Americans were enslaved for almost 600 years and then even after that we were treated like crap for many more years. We weren't considered lazy until we stopped working for free. We are now considered a lazy group of people but we planted, harvested, and maintained hundred acre farms for them for barely any money and were treated like livestock.

I'm not just going to let people talk to me like I am crazy because they think they know. After analyzing the data that I have collected, I have determined that I am right and you were wrong for so many years. Even looking back at those years racism is still going on now in 2018. You would think that we would be over this but it seems like it's taking us a while to get over being racist. African Americans and many other people of different races are racially profiled almost every day by being pulled over or watched when they walk into a store. Have you ever seen those movies when cops stop and search random African American men and women because they look similar to a suspect that may have done something a couple of miles away? Things like this happen in real life. 

African Americans, when pulled over, are 31 percent more likely to be pulled over, 81 percent more likely to not be given a reason for it, and 174 percent more likely to be searched (Thanks to the Bureau of Justice Statistics for this information). I'm not just going to turn a blind eye to things like this; why would I? "A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything." - Malcolm X. I mean, there are sometimes where it is good to mind my business like when there is drama between two girls liking the same boy; that is the perfect time. But when it has something concerning someone that is oppressed or has the same struggle, I will not. I refuse to let myself do anything like that. That is just not how I was raised; that is just unacceptable. This is why I am "woke" as some people would say.

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Why Do I Act 'Woke'?
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