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Why Are You Ranking: Most Significant Moments Regarding Kanye West as Expressed by American Presidents Listed from ‘Good Life’ to ‘So Appalled’

The Louis Vuitton Don has designs for the White House. Will he get there?

West for Prez?

As he has hinted at an award show, rapper, producer, fashion designer, husband, father and omaven Kanye West wants to be President of the United States of America by 2024. But does he know about the Iowa Caucus and the Electoral College? What credentials does he possess that would make him a viable candidate for the leader of the semi-free world? While Kanye contemplates on becoming commander-in-chief, he can reflect on the previous presidents who became piqued, raised ire, or endorsed the Hip Hop megastar. For over a decade, Mr. West has experienced three American presidents mention his name in some form or fashion. Like a clothing factory that stitches together fabric, the words and actions that the presidents exchanged in regard to West brought together an embroidery of derision, dismissal, and admiration. Kanye West, as his debut album, The College Dropout (2004) attests, knows nothing collegial beyond a few arts classes and does not possess a degree. Now, this didn’t stop President Harry Truman from capturing the highest office in the nation. But what does he have to offer that will make America exceptional again? Maybe a MAEA hat would be too awkward. But if West is serious about his intentions to become president, he will have to weigh some serious issues before he even gets a chance to begin a potential run. So, get your Yeezy Boost sneakers and campaign buttons for, Why Are You Ranking: Most Significant Moments Regarding Kanye West as Expressed by American Presidents Listed from ‘Good Life’ to ‘So Appalled.

The Hat That Lives in Both Admiration and Infamy

MAGA men

3. MAGA Moment

In 2016, West met with then President-elect Donald Trump. Over the next few months, Kanye would become embroiled in an all-out media blitz that found him being called a “race traitor,” “coon,” and an “Uncle Tom.” For his praise of President Trump, West had once again drawn lines and split his audience down the middle with most saying that they’re through with West’s shenanigans. By just wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat, West landed himself in trouble. Now, it would’ve been better if he (and Trump and his base) actually knew what a great America would look like, then there would be some weight to the photo opportunity. Only reason, individualism, and capitalism would return American to its original founding principles and allow people to discover a new morality.

Rank: Good Life

Pardon the Interruption....

Kanye shares his thoughts on Gandhi here

2. Obama’s Quip

After the fallout of West’s bizarre outburst on the Music Television (MTV) Video Music Awards in 2009, a covey of reporters put a microphone on President Barack Obama just prior to an interview. Though this was not an official press conference or interaction with media personnel, the then-President gave his few words addressing his fellow Chicagoan. By saying that West “is a jackass,” this lit a fire in Kanye West who followed up the incident with his brilliant work My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010). In this collection of songs, namely the track, “POWER,” he remarks that people have been calling him the “abomination of Obama’s nation.” It appears that West was both shaken and motivated by the then president’s comments. If only he had said that then President Obama’s policies represented collectivism and altruism. Then he would have had the opportunity to throw the name back at the president.

Rank: Monster

Please pardon the Ebonics....

Bush actually said this

1. Who Cares?

While standing as one of the contributors to the telethon just after the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005, West made a bold and outright false statement. When he said that, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” he caused an uproar amongst former President Bush’s constituents. To this day, Bush contends that being called a racist was the worst moment of his presidency. For West, his star only shone brighter but again, if he said that “Bush doesn’t care about individual rights” or that “Bush doesn’t care about eliminating all regulations and every government agency except the military, police, and law courts,” then he would’ve said something profound and true.

Rank: So Appalled

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Why Are You Ranking: Most Significant Moments Regarding Kanye West as Expressed by American Presidents Listed from ‘Good Life’ to ‘So Appalled’
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