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Why Are Political Leaders so Out of Touch?

Why do polls get it wrong?

Why are the political leaders so out of touch?

Why do polls get it wrong?

The question has been asked in Britain and USA and is being asked in Germany and France; why are the political elite and political polls getting it wrong? The answer lies in the belief of political leaders, and especially the bureaucracies they depend on for advice, that the only people who actually matter live in cities.

They are wrong. The majority of voters live in smaller urban communities in towns rather than in cities. There are huge numbers living in rural villages and hamlets. They also have votes and a right to have their concerns attended to.

The chattering classes in all nations and those we refer to as Guardianista in Britain (they are called this because they not only read the Guardian newspaper—and only the Guardian—but they believe it is correct and all other views are wrong) mostly live in cities and not in suburban parts of cities but in central areas. They have jobs in government, management, banks, local government, education, the media, and in particular public broadcasting or performance arts. They went to the same schools, usual private education establishments. They attend the same social gatherings, they drink over priced cups of coffee at the same places, and they consider themselves sophisticated. Even those, mostly in education, who live in towns because of their place of work have city mentality and a slavish following of the politically correct edicts of their elite. They only listen to themselves. They only hear what their clones say. They are in the political bubble but now this is a political straitjacket. It imprisons them and makes truth a stranger to them.

Most of them occupy bureaucratic positions. They have over inflated views of how hard they work and how important they are. Very few have ever worked a 42 hour manual work week. Only a small minority have ever experienced the mind numbing physical exhaustion of constant manual work, week in week out for years and years. Only a tiny minority have known the terror of a knock at the door from debt collectors. Very few have responsibilities that mean they get dismissed for any mistake. Very few will ever be held to public account for their errors.

They claim concern for the environment and are passionate about human rights but they will never be confronted by a mob of belligerent travelers who wish to occupy their gardens and fill these with rubbish, and they certainly would not expect (as farmers are expected to) to be held responsible for clearing up the filth left by others. They will never have to get up at 4 AM on a cold and wet morning to cut and stack organic lettuces while being paid minimum wage. They believe in recycling but have no idea, nor any inquisitiveness about, what all the recycling figures actually mean or even if they are in any way honest. They protest about global warming but they only get their information from those profiting from the notion that human activity is the only cause of global climate change. Whilst they protest about global warming, they still have air conditioning in the heat and central heating in the cold. The protest at the air pollution but fly off for holidays every year.

City people are not representative of the whole nation. This applies to every nation. In fact the views of city people can be very misleading, relative to the political views and voting intentions of the majority.

The ethnic and cultural make up of city dwelling societies is different from that of those who live outside of vast metropolitan areas. In general they have differing priorities and differing needs. This majority who live outside of cities are starting to resent not only being controlled by those who live in cities but also that their taxes are disproportionately spent on making city life easier.

Even simple obvious things such as the way the authorities and especially the police allow travelers (while in non metropolitan areas) to flout the law, foul the land, terrorize locals, deprive people of amenities and all with absolute impunity, but if they try to settle in Greater London, for example Hampstead, they are immediately moved on.

City people take for granted that they will have subsidized public transport that runs very frequently. Even in middle sized towns, the public transport available is very limited and in rural areas, it is non existent. So why are all car owners taxed the same as city car owners? Large cities may have need for cycle lanes but why should every county be expected to provide cycle routes in towns and villages?

It is the out-of-touch governing bureaucrats who seek to impose one size fits all that is causing resentment in the majority, over the way they are governed. Public health delivery is an obvious example. In a city with good public transport, it makes sense to have large specialist hospitals with economy of scale. This does not make sense when out in smaller, far spread communities. They have no public transport and so they have limited access to these expensive buildings. The old cottage hospital system evolved because it worked for the communities they served. Giving the power to some London civil servant (whose idea of rural bliss is a walk round Regent Park) to dictate that even outside of cities the nearest hospital is to be 30 miles away, as it will save money, is a disgraceful betrayal of the majority of voters.

These political elite are so out of touch with reality that they expect the general public to accept responsibility for economic migrants. The general public are not the stupid moronic mindless rabble the elite think. The general public knows that responsibility for economic migration lies with the government of the country the migrants leave, the one they escape from. It is the responsibility of all governments to provide security and economic satisfaction for their own indigenous people. It is not the responsibility of the poor of another nation to provide these things.

One size does not fit all.

Recognize the difference in need between city, urban, and rural communities and make governments act on these differences and then governments may actually connect with the majority of voters again.

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Why Are Political Leaders so Out of Touch?
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