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Who Will Betray Trump and Putin?

A Ukrainian Scenario for Russia and America

A Ukrainian Scenario

There is a chance that certain people could be planning a coup to unseat both President Trump of the United States and President Putin of the Russian Federation sometime in the near future. The way these coups could unfurl would be similar to what happened with Ukraine's last legitimate President, Victor Yanukovich, in February 2014.  

Regardless of what most may think, it was not the Ukrainian people who actually overthrew Victor Yanukovich (who by the way had six months left to serve his second presidential term). Although the street fights and riots in the streets of downtown Kiev (Ukraine's capitol) did play a role, the Berkut Special Forces units still had control over the downtown area despite many losses.  What led to the overthrow was the proposal of impeachment by the Ukrainian government, due to the fact that since the President was no longer in the capitol, they used his absence as an excuse to start with the impeachment procedures. Not only was his absence used as an excuse, but another claim was that there is chaos around the country and he is nowhere to be found. In reality there was no chaos, other than what happened in Kiev, the rest of the country was living life as usual, people went to work, school, etc.  The immediate impeachment of President Yanukovich were direct violations of the Ukrainian Constitution because sufficient evidence was never presented to make the impeachment procedures valid. 

Despite all of that, there were two major political parties in Ukraine's Parliament which had enough power to stop the impeachment and restore order in the country, the Party of Regions, and the Communist Party of Ukraine.  Both of these parties voted in favor of impeachment against Yanukovich. The Party of Regions went even further and openly denounced the former President as a member of their party. Eventually after a couple weeks the Party of Regions lost power, a little less than a year later the Communist party disappeared, probably the price they paid for betrayal. 

What was the point of the violent protestors in downtown Kiev then? Was their initial goal to storm the Parliament and declare a new government?  Most likely, but they failed in their mission, because the politicians did it all for them.  Why did the protests even start? Initially, it all happened, because of a small group of students having a peaceful protest, and a police officer used excessive force on one of the students which resulted in the young person's death. Eventually, many people became frustrated and showed up at the student protest to condemn the brutal action of the police officer. Soon the student protest evolved into more than what it was, it turned from a student protest into a protest of variety of issues such as joining the EU, the recognition of Ukrainian Nazi collaborator veterans as heroes, ending trade with Russia and shutting down the Russian Naval base in Crimea, and replacing it with another foreign power renting it instead, most likely the United States. 

Another question that needs to be asked, is why did a small student protest immediately turn into something more than what it was? Most likely all of the groups that hated the President and his views found an opportunity to gather together and to take advantage of the tragic situation, but who sponsored all of this will be answered later in this article, but first we must figure out how the same type of scenario might play out in both the Russian Federation, and the United States.

Putin's Possible Demise

Recently there has been a wave of protests across the Russian Federation in regards to the newly passed 'Pension Reform Law' which will raise the retirement age for all citizens.  A great number of Russian citizens were outraged and took the streets of major cities such as Novosibirsk, Omsk, and even Russia's capitol Moscow had thousands of protestors marching against the pension reform. 

Although Putin did not pass the law, he receives most of the blame for this new type of reform, despite the fact that the law to raise the retirement age was passed by the State Duma (Russia's Parliament). Regardless, Putin still gets blamed, because the idea to raise the age came from his own party 'United Russia Party' which also holds a majority in the Parliament. Most other parties in the State Duma such as the 'Communist Party', 'Liberal Democratic Party', 'Justice Party' and even some members of 'United Russia Party' openly spoke out and voted against the new pension reform, but in the end majority had the upper hand in the voting process and the law was passed enraging many citizens in the country. 

The question that needs to be asked is why would 'United Russia Party' shoot itself in the foot so easily while knowing that this new reform would enrage millions of their fellow countrymen? The motivation for pushing this reform makes no political sense. Many people want to know why would Putin allow this to happen? The answer to that is, Putin mostly oversees foreign policy, military, and certain economic issues, when it comes to domestic policy that is mostly controlled by Prime Minister Medvedev, and the State Duma which as mentioned earlier hold the most seats in the federal government. 

Is it possible that eventually these pension reform protests will evolve into bigger issues, and turn into massive riots on the streets of Moscow? Will the violence get so out of hand that all of it will be blamed on Putin for losing control and the trust of the people? Will the United Russia Party turn on Putin and push for impeachment put all responsibility on him? Possibly.  The more suspicious the party acts, the more it looks like there might be a repeat of the Ukrainian scenario, but this time in Russia.

Trump Betrayed by His Own Team?

Ever since Trump was elected to be the President of the United States, the country has seen many protests and riots every month. The election has not just outraged the left wing, but even many conservative politicians were disappointed as well.  

Trump is on the news every single day, weather it is related to the Russian collusion investigations, or some scandals from the past, the mainstream media almost never ceases to discuss the President's every move. Majority of the stories are about Trump and his connection with Russia. On top of that, Trump has had trouble with people in his own administration.  The President has went through quite a few people within his cabinet, and some of the former members are no longer so fond of him.  His current cabinet members are also not too impressed with some of his foreign policy stances in regards to Russia, especially John Bolton who is well known man who hates Russian people, even Mike Pence did not seem satisfied with Trump's meeting with Putin. Although prominent Republican politician Trey Gowdy is not part of Trump's team, he openly defended the President on issues of Russian meddling, but even he was displeased with the recent Trump-Putin summit. Current and former members of the so-called intelligence agencies have expressed their disapproval of the President as well.  It seems that Donald Trump's only major ally in the Senate and probably in the government is Senator Rand Paul.

Aside from the media and politicians discussing the actions of the President, many private groups from the left wing such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other's have been constantly accusing Trump of being a Russian spy, a traitor, a sexist, a racist, etc. These groups have also been known to harass and physically abuse people for supporting Trump. Although many Trump supporters have acted in self-defense, it is the media that will make the claim that the opposite is true, and will portray left-wing rioters as victims of the Trump administration. 

With all of the political scandals and street protests getting bigger and bigger, it seems that our nation is becoming divided more than ever. There is practically almost no sense in having a peaceful debate between the right and the left. The violence seems to just be escalating further, with politicians such as Maxine Waters calling for her supporters to harass members of Donald Trump's cabinet, things do not seem to be improving. Every day more fuel is added to the fire, and it looks as if both sides cannot get along anymore. The entire situation might be hopeless.  Will a similar Ukrainian scenario play out here in the United States? That may also be a possibility. With the country being torn apart by the left and the right, there might not be any more room for moderates. As the violence will escalate, all of this may be used to blame Trump for the chaos. The intelligence agencies investigating the President for being a Russian agent is not helping either. All of this may give an opportunity for certain Republicans and Trump's administration to turn on him, and they will try to make themselves look like the heroes in this chaos while putting all of the blame and responsibility on Trump for failing to keep peace and order in our country.

The Deep State

Who benefits? The easy answer is "The Globalists", but there is more to it than that.  Putin and Trump have openly defied the current world order.  The 'Deep State' in our government does not represent the people of the United States, and no matter how much they claim to fight for "democracy" and the preservation of "American values", nothing can be further from the truth. The Deep State isn't necessarily some secretive group hidden within the shadows of our government, they are open and vocal. John McCain is a good example of a Deep Stater, and possibly current members of the Trump administration.  

This Deep State does not care about our constitution or peace around the world. They have been easily bought out by lobbyists who are sent in by major corporations to represent their own interests. If we look at the toppled governments around the world, what did they have in common? They all refused to submit to our American corporations. 

Going back to Ukraine, the peaceful protests evolved from student protests, to a demand for the government to join the European Union and to replace the Russian Naval base in Crimea with American troops. Why was there such a demand from Ukrainian Nationalists to immediately destroy all connections with Russia? Although it would be easy to blame US government, to be more fair and objective the sole responsibility of the Ukrainian coup lies on the Deep State of which Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Mccain, Lindsey Graham, Victoria Nuland, and others have supported. They created the coup not because they wanted the Ukrainian people to have a better life, in fact, it only got worse. The purpose was to weaken a Russian ally, but this time not everything went according to as planned. The Ukraine turned out to be more complicated than the Middle East. 

With tensions rising between Russian and the United States regarding Ukraine and Syria, the Deep State did everything they can to prop up Hillary Clinton, but they failed. Donald Trump who had a more friendly attitude towards Russia took office, and the Deep State was having none of that.  

Donald Trump being in office made things more complicated for the Neocon warmongers and Deep State thugs within our government, and it all now makes sense why the Mueller probe is taking so long with the Russian collusion investigation.  They want to impeach Trump to install their own Deep State puppet.

It is also a known fact that opposition in Russia against Putin has been receiving funds from the CIA through third-party sources, on top of that it would be no surprise that members of Putin's administration have been in contact with the Deep State to help remove the Russian President from office.


This is all based on speculation of course and maybe nobody in Russia or in America will be impeached, but at the same time we must remember that history always  repeats itself one way or another. 

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Mark Grigoriev
Mark Grigoriev

An immigrant, son of Soviet Refugees. Served in the Army National Guard. Traveled to different countries as a civilian. I speak three  different languages. Also a Christian and not ashamed of it. 

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