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Who Led the Blue Wave?

FYI, it wasn't Nancy Pelosi.

Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity. – Nancy Pearcey

That's a Lot of Chutzpa

Someone literally said a couple of weeks ago that to the victor belong the spoils and therefore Nancy Pelosi—after winning the House back—should get the Speakership back. Point of order, who led the blue wave? For your information, it wasn’t Nancy Pelosi. This was a people led resistance. Democrats took back the House despite “veteran leadership.”

For two years Democrats whimpered that there was nothing that they could do to stop Trump and the GOP congress since they were in the minority. They were counting on a blue wave to sweep Democrats back in charge of the House–but no one was voting for Nancy Pelosi except for the people in her district.

The rest of the resistance voted for just that—resistance to the runaway, criminal exploits of the current U.S. president. After operating from a position of extreme weakness since 2011, those same “veteran leaders” having been swept into the majority by the blue wave–the resistance–are basically saying, ‘Thanks, we’ll take it from here.”

A Purple Wave

Calling what happened in November 2018 a blue wave is really a misnomer. It was actually a purple wave made up of principled republicans, independents, and progressives alike. Those people weren’t all voting for a progressive agenda. What they were voting for was a check on a criminal president. They were voting for a Congress that would have the cajones to draft charges of impeachment against this administration–including those in Congress who are complicit in the administration’s cover-up.

The only way to do that was to fill the House and possibly the Senate with the opposition party–Democrats. Now that Democrats are set to take power in the House in January, they have reverted back to their traditional posture. It’s almost habit now, they see a republican and they hand them their lunch money like a bunch of weenies.

Look, this is not an option. The people up for leadership positions like Nancy Pelosi, like Jerry Nadler, had nothing to do with this purple wave. In fact, they have power now despite their efforts to squelch enthusiasm coming from progressives. They argued that people don’t vote against something, they vote for something.

That something is impeachment. That something is a check on an administration that has repeatedly violated the Constitution; a president who has been named as a defendant in charges brought by both the Special Counsel and the Attorney General of the Southern District of New York with felonies. You don’t have an option; impeachment is not just an option, it is a mandate.

What in the hell are you afraid of?

Angus King argued this past Sunday that if impeachment were to go forward, a full third of the population would think that it is a partisan attack and it could backfire (meaning they could lose their seats). Listen, why do you so concern yourselves with the 30 percent of lunatics in this country that are still standing by a person who ordered the kidnapping and jailing of babies on our border; turned a blind eye to the murder of an American journalist; kowtows to Putin at every turn, and is making changes to the economy that are certain to bring about another great depression?

Democrats should really be afraid of the 70 percent who have shown that no seat is safe. The country is at stake. Democratic freedoms and the Constitution which guarantees all American citizens their rights and freedoms are at stake. And there is nothing this criminal president would like more than to get away with completely ignoring the Constitution and setting the precedent that he can do whatever he wants without consequence.

The “blue” wave was a loud and determined hell no from the vast majority of the people. That is what a democracy is, remember? Rule by majority. It’s easy to forget for Angus King and Nancy Pelosi who think that being in the minority means that you have to hand over your lunch money to the bullies. Instead, if you had any courage you would turn and sock those bullies in the face metaphorically.

Some of your colleagues need to be called before a select committee to testify. Some of them are going to go to jail for being complicit in Trump’s cover up if you do your jobs right. Watch how quickly they hand over their lunch money. But as long as they know that the old Democratic guard is still in charge, they will continue to bully you while the 70 percent watching will begin calling for a pox on both your houses.

We will fall down on policy issues later.

There hasn’t been a policy discussion in this country since Trump got the republican nomination. We are not debating policy. When you have a wave made up of right-leaning and left-leaning voters, what you get are very divergent opinions on policy. We will fall down on different sides on policy issues and have healthy debates about them later. First things first – save the democracy.

It’s the only way that the country can move forward on policy issues. It is the only way that the country can get back to regular order. Democrats cannot allow this administration to get away with making unprecedented moves without checking them because then it sets a precedent.

As progressives we agree that there should be protections and improvements made to the Affordable Care Act. We believe that LGBTQ rights that are under attack should be upheld. We believe that the changes made to the criminal justice system under Pres. Obama and Eric Holder should be continued. We agree that Dreamers and immigrants and asylum seekers need legislation to protect them. But the same argument you make against impeachment applies to those things too.

You say, ‘If we pass articles of impeachment in the House, the Senate will not pass it.” Do you really think that the same complicit and traitorous GOP Senate is going to co-sign any of the legislation mentioned above? Here’s how you get them to peel off from the group. You get serious about breaking the glass on this reckless administration. You turn the people’s eyes on them and show them for the criminals that they are–yes your colleagues in the House and the Senate.

You show how they are just as guilty as Trump and his administration if they do not allow investigations to go forward; if they are not willing to impeach a rogue president. As the only Representative in the House worthy of leading this fight said, Ms. Maxine Waters, if you don’t do it, you are derelict in your duty. Who led the “blue” wave? FYI, it wasn’t Nancy Pelosi.

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Who Led the Blue Wave?
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