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White America Needs to Stop Looking for Loopholes

The greatest barrier to change is systemic racism rooted in biased and blinding beliefs used to determine friends and foes based on shallow factors.

Do you think wayward politicians will somehow see the light soon and stop being so extremist and authoritative? Do you expect them to finally find some compassion within themselves to reverse their attempts to oppress and squeeze the life out of diverse citizens? Not going to happen. 

Those in power making detrimental decisions against the common good have repeatedly revealed their agendas, to show us who they are. It is up to diverse citizens collectively to reverse the unfolding damage caused by erosion of basic human rights and freedoms. White America as the majority, needs to stop looking for loopholes that would allow racism to continue, if they want to improve opportunities for themselves. They need to take seriously what blacks and other people of color have always said, that as long as America seeks to oppress collective groups of mostly minorities, the entire country will continue to go downhill.

Incompetent and ineffective politicians who use race to divide and conquer are examples of the outcome when false superiority ideology promotes white and male privilege. Discriminating against black, brown and other marginalized people by excluding them from the mainstream, allows politicians who lack compassion to take advantage of everyone when they receive benefit of doubt based on assumptions of credibility and competencies they do not possess. 

Many in power who show they are not interested in representing the needs of average people have been able to lie their way through life. When they continue to get elected and have no major consequences, they feel entitled to getting their way. They do whatever they want. Those who do not know their own limitations lack balanced perspectives required of multidimensional human beings who can demonstrate empathy for others. 

We are dealing with the final chapters of fallout from false white superiority ideology that allowed America to get away with mayhem and murder throughout history, both domestically and abroad. The outcomes are evident to those who are marginalized, due to witnessing the unfolding chaos as the white masses participated in a corrupt system of racism that seemingly benefited them. The costs are becoming clearer now as whites experience similar aspects of despair previously only imposed on black and brown populations due to race-based oppression. 

The elite establishment has no intention of throwing a lifeline to whites in the middle and lower socioeconomic ranges. Power-hungry people are not that loyal since greed and control at all costs matter more to them than moving the nation forward. This is why average working class whites need to stop colluding in system racism, so diverse people in the same boat have a chance of improving things for everyone. That is the primary way to collectively reclaim our shared humanity and help the nation make progress. New and promising possibilities of inclusion can result in collaborations among white, black and brown people based on common needs. 

It's the only option at this point to prevent ongoing systemic inequality that strips people of life energy and resources to meet their basic human needs. When people become so poor and in ill health due to stressors from political disorder that result in deprivation and punitive policies, they won't have much chance to fight the in power. 

To resist those intent on keeping the masses oppressed — divided, conquered, fearful and enslaved — we need to take ongoing strategic actions consistently — before it becomes too late to change the situation or prevent development of potential worst-case scenarios.

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White America Needs to Stop Looking for Loopholes
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