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When Is Enough, Enough? Some of My Best Friends Are Conservative. You, Sir, Are No Conservative

The Donald Trump train is about to crash and burn. Will his supporters jump ship, or join him in the crash?

As we say in Brooklyn, “It’s bullshit already.”

Shut down the damn government, then, Mr. Trump. We’ve had a temperamental, impulsive con man in the White House for the past two years. It’s not as if we’ve had a functioning government since. 

Dysfunctional, yes. Functional? A matter of perspective. 

If you shut it down, Mr. President, sir, it may be an improvement. 

We’ve lost our standing in the world. You’ve hobnobbed with and taken the side of dictators and killers. You’ve rolled back every Obama-era piece of legislation you could just to push your weight. 

Your intelligence departments have been rendered meaningless. You're sycophants, both in and out of your administration, are numerous. Few, apparently, tell you “no.”

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have that problem, your highness. A woman. Go figure. She "grabbed you by the pussy," looks like. Shook you a little bit, huh? 

Asking you to look in the mirror is meaningless. You’ve made your decisions long ago. The New York Times—er, the “failed” New York Times—printed a Pulitzer-worthy exposé of your finances. It was news for five minutes, as we’ve become so numb to your scandals. 

You’ve paid off at least one porn star and a penthouse pet. 

And the Republican lawmakers who remain up your ass are in survival mode, dog-paddling to support their party which you’ve already destroyed. 

Yes, you have indeed shown the world you were able to bend it in your image. That power you’ve strived for? You’ve done got it. I hope daddy is proud. 

You shrug off our divisions, and say if you’re impeached your supporters will “revolt.” 

Climate change is still a killer, but you have no belief in science. 

You manipulate every last sycophant who attends your rallies, but I do have hope. Your Twitter “likes” are lessening by the week. 

You are neither the first son of a bitch to attain office, nor will you be the last. You are an embarrassment on a level that exceeds even Nixon, who was at least educated in the world of politics. A soft-hearted defense, there, but you’ve proven to be not only deliberate in your self-service, but ill-equipped to rise above.

Ignorance remains bliss. 

You publicly insult everyone who disagrees with you. You hand an award to Native Americans and quip about your “Pocahontas,” Elizabeth Warren. 

What makes a man sell his soul? Did you sell your soul, or were you born without one?

Yes, this article is more of a stream of consciousness meandering, but the words hold meaning (to me) or I wouldn’t write them. 

We all know how we descended into this madness, a world that’s divided and, in many cases, hateful. You were voted in, that’s how. Ever since, hate crimes have risen exponentially. And don’t spout off about your defense of Israel. Like anything else, it’s financially motivated. 

I say that as a Jew. 

The world sees through it, though, hence the sharp rise also in anti-Semitic incidents since you’ve become president. The neo-Nazis love you. 

And treason? How much of your candidacy really is due to your backdoor cooperation with Putin and his ilk? Our United States presidency has been hijacked, and day-to-day it appears more and more clear that you have committed high treason. You have put all of us in danger, and continue to do so. 

By the way? North Korea is still building missiles. You haven’t said too much about that of late. You’ve preferred to create an immigration invasion crisis, rip innocent kids from their families, and toss them into concentration camps en route to building a wall that you knew from the beginning Mexico would never pay for. 

Where does it end? Why can’t the Republicans break out of their Mr. Freeze moment and finally take action?

There is a cancer in the U.S. Presidency. His name is Donald J. Trump. 

My name is Joel Eisenberg, and I approve this message. 

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When Is Enough, Enough? Some of My Best Friends Are Conservative. You, Sir, Are No Conservative
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