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When America Played The Trump Card The United States Lost

The Trump Card

Who would have thought that at the beginning of last year's Presidential Primaries, Donald Trump would go on to become the President. In retrospect, too many Americans failed to heed the warning signs that Trump displayed right from the first Republican debate. The media being so focused on their bottom line shoved Trump into the nation's consciousness with every debate and public appearance. As it turned out, it was a win-win for both the media and Trump. The main stream media conglomerates made millions and Trump went on to win the electoral college and the Presidency. As we look back to that very first debate of the Republicans it became quite obvious what the media and Trump were doing. It is too bad the American public failed to see that while the media was reaping huge financial dividends in covering Donald Trump, Trump was beguiling the public into thinking that only he can, as his catch phrase goes "Make America great again." Today the country has only moved in reverse and not forward under the Trump Presidency.

Regardless of what occurred during the first Republican Presidential debate, where the main attraction was none other than Donald Trump, it proved to be one of the most entertaining venues of late during prime time TV. The first outing of all the candidates, though, was mired in a most futile exercise in stealing the show away from the master of showmanship, Donald Trump. The moderators, all veteran newscasters, from the onset directed most of their questions squarely at Mr. Trump. To the chagrin of his opponents, Donald Trump displayed many of the characteristics that he is known for: blunt, direct, and unapologetic. Asserting himself as the dominate spokesmen for the Trump brand of politics, he didn't mix his words nor did he display the political correctness our our times. It was Megan Kelly and Chris Wallace, though, who deliberately went after Trump to try to trip him up and embarrass him. It didn't work. It was pure entertainment from start to finish.

Though many of the questions were combative in nature it was Donald Trump who hit the nail on the head when he reiterated that the United States is in big trouble and running out of time. Sad to say the moderators failed to ask the key questions that would separate the men from the boys. What would you do specifically to eradicate the greatest wealth inequality, reduce the unemployment rolls to under 4% nationally including Detroit and other cities who continually have unemployment rates over 25% all with middle class living wage jobs? In other words, like the Donald Trump's trade mark slogan "Make America great again." Key questions concerning the nature of our failed foreign policy, which has only increased our national debt, cost thousands of lives and destabilized the whole Middle-East. Other key questions, define a plan of direction for short term financial gain and long term economic stability for every American. It was these types of questions that were never even asked, mentioned, or even considered. All this debate showed was a very weary drawn out display of personal innuendos and self glorification of everyone involved.

It was quite obvious that from the onset of this first Republican Presidential debate, the United States has become a country that applauds a bully, fears foreigners and wants a system to be rigged for the rich. It is no wonder then why public schools all around the country have such a problem with bullies. Too many of the current crop of candidates are so out of touch with mainstream reality, they continue to make a mockery out of the political process that our founding fathers entrusted to the American people. If it wasn't for Donald Trump displaying his unique candor, even though his bravado overshadowed everyone else, the rest of the Republican contenders seemed at a total loss as to how to react. But, it was the fault of the moderators in preparation for this debate who failed to ask the decisive questions that would actually show the true intentions of a Republican in the White House.

Just maybe, by the time the second election rolls around these decisive most important questions of our time will be asked. The sad fact of the matter is that time really is running out for the United States. An economic catastrophe is right at our doorstep. The current Republican Presidential candidates and our mainstream media have yet to realize just how precariously close the US is to falling into a financial abyss that the way things are today we will never be able to climb out of. A disaster so intense sending shock waves reverberating all around the globe is the reality that will soon befall the United States. The only way to stop this cataclysm of financial disaster is by understanding and implementing radical, and yes revolutionary reforms. Reforms that are so contrary to our current policies favored by the 1%, corporate America and our current Republican leaders.

The current Administration may have averted financial disaster back in 2009 but, like the end of World War I, the peace treaty then opened the door for World War II. It was the financial reforms that were put in place following the financial crisis of 2008 only delayed an inevitable more severe financial crisis. A second wave of sheer greed on the part of the American Financial markets and the eagerness of corporate America and elected officials to capitalize on existing policies has engineered another disaster in the making. Just maybe by playing the Trump card America can be great again, think again.

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When America Played The Trump Card The United States Lost
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