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Watershed Year

History Repeats

As the spring of 2019 continues, there still remains over 40 percent of the population that still can't grasp the reality of what Trump and the Republican party have done and continue to do to further divide this nation. When the United States cries out for unity they fall on the deaf ears of both political parties. Today, they continue to only deepen the divide. There is more truth to it now that both the Democratic and Republican parties are entrenched with Wall Street and all those corporate donors. The high stakes of campaign contributions fuel the divisions that exist in America today.

When unity is called for both parties are negligent. They continue to fail the American public. Instead, their eyes and hands are glued shut and tied to Wall Street. The power of wealth has such a tight grip on our political process it is strangling the lifeblood out of the United States.

Is history about to repeat? The mistakes of the past are about to strike again. In 2016, when the voice of the people were cast aside for the anointed candidate paved the way for four years of America's descent into mediocrity. By all indications, 2020 will be a repeat of 2016. The voice of the people is rising again rallying behind the peoples' candidate. Yet, the DNC has sponsored not unity but has brought about a circus. That old saying "too many cooks spoil the broth" well, we can use that analogy to describe what the DNC is doing today. With over 20 candidates vying for that most coveted nomination only spells disaster for our nation. Instead of unity, the divides will only get wider.

When will we ever learn? Maybe soon then again maybe not. If 2020 isn't a repeat of 2016 it can only happen if the voice of the people rises above the clouds of deception, deceit, and lies that are purposely perpetrated on the American public by the DNC, the mainstream media, Wall Street, and all those Mega Corporate Donors.

Right now the media is laying the groundwork to purposely engineer one candidate over all others. It is the media who are brought and paid for by corporate elites and for years have gone out of there way to anoint a particular candidate for only one reason. That candidate is tied directly to corporate interests. It is the corporate elites that control the major news outlets and the media. They want a candidate they can control instead of the peoples choice they know they can't control.

The very sad fact of reality today is that the status-quo hasn't worked for decades for the majority of Americans. And, when one candidate rises to the occasion and outlines an agenda that will totally disrupt the status-quo the media will again purposely mount a rigorous campaign to either discredit him or in so many other instances promote that one candidate as their favorite son. Today, there are still too many that are so gullible to actually believe all the hype the media is pumping out on their favorite son. And, that is a very sad commentary for our times. When will we ever learn!

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Watershed Year
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