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Vote for Humanity

Political Commentary/Short Essay

Humanity Unified

Donald Trump has been repetitively exposed as and proven beyond any shadow of a doubt to be a notorious liar. On endless occasions in the public eye, he has falsified so much information that is readily available for public scrutiny and verification. There is no doubt in my mind and in the mind of any intelligent, sane, and informed adult that he is not to be trusted to tell the truth to the American people. Donald Trump is also a very disrespectful, immature, vulgar, crude, profane, thoughtless, insulting, and a toxic person. Much of his poisonous rhetoric is directed at minorities such as women, Muslims, and people of color. He has shown himself to be a person of very poor character. These are the facts ladies and gentlemen.

With all that being said, we must also consider the extraordinary and disappointing league of congressman, governors, and other governmental agents and politicians that have publicly endorsed, defended, and supported this horrible example of the human being. It is mostly if not completely the members of the Republican Party that align themselves with Donald Trump, his divisive policies, and corrupt agendas. It is also mostly Republicans and the wealth, oppressive elitist one percent that benefit from those policies and agendas. And anyone who does any basic research and makes any basic observations of the outcomes and consequences of these policies can see that they are extremely harmful for the regular middle class and lower-class citizen of this country. In fact, the agendas and policies of Donald Trump and his administration negatively impact so many people worldwide that aren't even American citizens, yet does so little to positively impact those that do live in the United States.

It should be clear buy now to most of the world that Donald Trump is a toxic, cancerous, divisive, and destructive entity within the corporate and political worlds as well as the general fabric of society and of this country. His poisonous rhetoric, behavior, and policies that he creates and expresses should never be permitted or tolerated within a civilized environment that strives to represent and promote basic human decency and upright morality.

So if we are to truly pursue the development and evolution of a humane and universally beneficial society for all people, then we must reject and eradicate all representations and philosophies that stem from, mimic, and build off of the ideals that are represented and expressed by the likes of Donald Trump and his supporters. We must remove him and them from office at every step of the political process, including but not limited to voting out of office those that represent these for-mentioned toxic ideologies, impeachment of the individuals who spread and propagate such terroristic and inhumane ideas, and bringing forth of criminal charges to those who have acted in the most heinous of waves while in an official capacity.

There is no exception and there is no middle ground. There cannot be a compromise. Donald Trump, his supporters, and those like him must not only be removed from office, but also permanently prevented from obtaining any high office of authority or influence within this government and within the world. These are the worst types of people and the world should have done away with them. If we cannot do away with them, then we should put enough pressure and judgment and criticism upon these people that they are inclined to go back into hiding and to permanently separate themselves away from all influential and essential aspects of society. They should be kept out of government offices, schools, medical facilities, judicial branches, law enforcement, child care, and any other sector or industry that directly affects the livelihood, health, education, and safety of our population. And if you support Donald Trump, if you support his policies or if you defend his behavior and his attitude, then you, sir or madam, are the worst of humankind and are truly a part of the problem.

I encourage everyone to no longer allow themselves to be victimized and influenced and oppressed by hatred, divisiveness, toxicity, and bigotry. I implore all kind, compassionate, sane, and decent people to all stand up to these terrorists and bullies, publicly and repetitiously rebuke and reject their ideals and behavior, and to fight at every area and opportunity those that would wish to elevate and promote the ideas of an archaic, destructive, divisive, and inhumane mindset. Be a part of the solution. Be brave. Be outspoken. Be seen and heard. Be better. Be strong.

Decency and humanity will prevail only if we put forth the work that is required for that success. There will be no magic or miracles that will bring forth the change that humanity needs. It will only be done through a unified and dedicated effort of responsible and compassionate people that use critical thinking, objectivity, understanding, and wisdom to create policies and an environment of upward and forward creativity that stimulates and nurtures the best in humanity. Educate, inspire, encourage, help, give, evolve, and be great. Be an example of a civilized and enlightened people. Make the logical, and moral choice. Vote for goodness and decency. Vote for humanity.

We The People, United We Stand...

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Vote for Humanity
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