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Trump vs Bolsonaro

How does the Trump of the Tropics stand against the original himself?

via BBC

Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right politician and now the new president of Brazil. He has made a reputation as the “Trump of the Tropics.” He has been known to be outspoken about his homophobic and misogynistic views, including being caught on camera telling a woman that he would never rape her, because she’s too ugly to be raped. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Bolsonaro and Trump are so similar in their actions that they have now been rumored to be planning on working together. Trump even tweeted on his infamous Twitter account, directed at Bolsonaro, "Had a very good conversation with the newly elected President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, who won his race by a substantial margin,” he stated. “We agreed that Brazil and the United States will work closely together on trade, military and everything else! Excellent call, wished him congrats!"

Both Bolsonaro and Trump are also known to be very active on social media. Though not as popular as Trump’s accounts, Bolsonaro still takes to media platforms to share his thoughts. Unlike Trump, he seems to be more active on Facebook than Twitter. Both presidents even have similar slogans. Bolsonaro said once in a livestream on Facebook, “Let’s make Brazil great! Let’s be proud of our homeland once again!” This phrase has an uncanny similarity to Trump’s, “Make America great again.”

Another similarity these two presidents share is that they have both been often compared to a new Adolf Hitler rising up. Ciro Gomes, a candidate running against Bolsonaro in Brazil, called his opponent a “little tropical wannabe Hitler.” Meanwhile, young people in the United States have taken to social media to compare Donald Trump’s actions to Hitler’s. The reason for this being for both of their conservative views and actions that seem to be against the wants and needs of most of the people in their countries.

For example, both Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump have been rumored to be extremely homophobic. Bolsonaro even went as far as to say in an interview with Playboy once in 2011 that he’d “prefer [to see] a son of mine to die in an accident than [to be] a homosexual." Meanwhile, Trump has shown his homophobia in actions rather than words by naming other homophobes to Cabinet positions and placing a ban on any transgender serving in the military in July of 2017. Not to mention his most recent actions now in October of 2018 as the Trump administration is contemplating if gender should be defined as a biological condition determined at birth. If this does indeed go through, the transgender community in the United States will no longer be acknowledged and will be practically erased from existence.

Now let’s take more of a look at the management choices for the country's function, where there seem to be a couple of differences between the two presidents. Trump had a conservative point of view as a candidate. In other words, he promised the protection of industry and local trade at the expense of the outside, using the taxation of imported products as a way to guarantee an advantage to products manufactured in the USA. This is one of the few things that Trump has told the truth about, despite many other falsifications.

However, in the meantime, Americans have already announced penalties of about 450 billion dollars in retaliations and tariff increases on products made from the Asian competitor, which could dampen trade between nations. Trump has appropriated the economic policy of protection. He is concerned about securing what he believes to be internal protection, especially in the Midwest region, which is badly damaged by globalization.

While Trump was elected with a conservative platform, Bolsonaro preferred to do things differently. During his campaign, the candidate preached economic liberalism, a platform defended by the future finance minister and his economic guru, Paulo Guedes, with less intervention by the state in economic decisions.

In his plan of government, Bolsonaro indicates to facilitating international trade. As he stated in this document, "We propose, therefore, the reduction of many import tariffs and non-tariff barriers, in parallel with the constitution of new bilateral international agreements.” Theoretically, taking this step would open the country to imported products, causing national industries to be forced to increase productivity to compete in the market.

With such differential views on these two presidents of strong opinions and controversial attitudes, we can see how each of them may struggle to properly deal with the country and its population. With great things in common and small differences, each one takes its government and country to either grow or fall in the end, although they both certainly have their own plans to attempt to better their country. Overall, whether or not they are succeeding at this task is ultimately a matter of opinion.

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