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Trump Towers

But he will fall.

There are times when we just know when something is wrong. 

Donald Trump is the epitome of wrong. In everything he does, he is wrong. Sadly, in his own mind, he is always right. Nothing can persuade him he is making America look stupid and petty in the eyes of the world.    

Now, in the average person who has a similar attitude, this isn't pleasant, but in general, not dangerous to the entire country. President Trump however, is a different story. He is in charge of the most powerful county on the planet and has no ability to admit to ever making a wrong decision or apologising to people he has hurt and humiliated. 

This makes him a huge danger to the security of America and beyond. 

His advisors seem unable to "advise" him for fear of being branded a traitor and banished forever to the outer limits of society.                   Government cannot function in a climate of fear. Only in a dictatorship can this be done. The United States of America has always claimed superiority over other nations, for its democracy and fairness. 

Taking in refugees and immigrants from all corners of the world, it has shown how people can be integrated into the system without prejudice. All of the last two and a half centuries of great work, is being tarnished and kicked in the stomach by a President who is more concerned with being liked by his own somewhat insane supporters, than doing all the good things, America has always done. 

While I understand the need for security, there has to be an even handed approach. Countries who have exported terrorism to the USA should be watched carefully. Saudi Arabia bring one of the most prominent. The attitude of the President as one of outrage at a system which won't allow him to do exactly as he pleases, is bizarre. Surely he knew how the constitution worked before becoming President? 

It is worded quite deliberately to stop people like this President, taking the law into his own hands, and being dictatorial. Someone on his staff had to have a working knowledge of something as fundamental as the constitution of the country. Or maybe they did, and their objections were brushed aside. 

It is looking like a humiliation for this administration and Trump in particular, regardless of the direction they decide to go with this now illegal act.                         

The powers that be, need Trump to be at the helm. He is still useful because of his ridiculous decisions, which will be blamed for the next phase of the plan. I believe President Putin is destined to lose power around the same time as Trump. Leaving the field clear for the puppet masters to take complete control of both the USA and Russia. 

Do I think this is far-fetched? I'd say yes, but for the information of which I'm already aware. There is a timetable for action, and it is moving remorselessly toward the end game. 

By the end of this year, I believe both Presidents Trump and Putin will be consigned to the annals of history. Several regional wars will be kept stoked to keep the money from arms sales pouring into the vaults of puppet masters. They will control the oil wealth and the supply systems and the people. 

A new world order will be in place and we will all have been played like fiddles. 

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Trump Towers
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