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Trump "Shithole" Comment Is Misdirection

Every day you get misdirection out of Washington DC.

It's on every TV news program. Every news radio station is covering it. It's all over social media. There are even articles being written about it for Vocal Media.

Everyone has an opinion about it. It is considered the most explosive thing he has said since he took office and even while he was running for office. Even people from countries all over the world are chiming in with their opinion on what Donald Trump has said and what it really means (Trump denies making 'shithole countries' comment).

The key isn't so much what he said, it's what it really means or more importantly the possibility of the purpose of why he said it. Immediately EA (EArthlings) revert to EAI (EArthling Intelligence) to try to comprehend the situation. Most people will choose sides along political lines in terms of their opinion.

What no one is aware of is the possibility HETLAU are using ETI to manufacture a misdirection event. While EA go at it with each other trying to make their opinions heard they don't realize things like porphemes are at work. Is there a possibility the word politic really means the polite way to control people).

If you read the Wall Street Journal from January 13, 2018, there is even an article in the opinion section about misdirection. Titled: 

Trump, Oprah and the art of deflection

It elevates the actions of deflection when trying to achieve misdirection to the level of an art form. If EA are aware misdirection exists, they have just never taken it to the even higher level of applying ETI meaning to it. Once you realize the possibility of Hetlau existing, and that they would be using misdirection, subliminal dissemination, and War as three of their main tools to achieve their goals, things start making sense. 

Could there possibly be other clues we can discover using ETI to add more confirmation to the possibility we are investigating? Applying ET language concepts is always a go-to tool as ET love to hide meaning in what they say and do. Their goal is once there is disclosure, they can have the EA go back and see they were here the whole time by revealing these clues through things like steganography and anagrams. In certain cases the word enagram would be more appropriate as they are really eT anagrams

So if you take the word Shithole and start to dissect it, first you notice a porpheme of Shit Hole. Then using bracketing you can see shiT holE. Removing the letters TE leaves you with shi and hol. hol can quickly be seen as a mopheme for the portmanteu hollow and then we can convert hollow into a porpheme as the meaning of the word is that it is hollow or meaningless in the EAI context but actually has hidden ETI context.

Next, we take the remaining letters shi and use alphanumeric and symbolic conversion. Alphanumeric conversion changes letters to their numeric representation in the alphabet. Symbolic conversion changes letters to other letters numbers or symbols based on the fact they "look" like that object.

s = 19
h = 8
i = 1 (symbolic conversion i looks like 1)

19 - 8 + 1 = 12

So we are looking for a twelve letter word that would be the true meaning of the use of word shithole in ETI hollow context. Could it be that that word is MISDIRECTION? Misdirection has 12 letters and if you posed all this as a hypothesis it would certainly substantiate the theory.

The problem then becomes trying to get your mind around the possibility that Trump didn't just fling this statement out off the top of his head. Rather it was planned and all the Hetlau functioning in society are adding fuel to the fire and fanning the flames. Then the unsuspecting EA are just like lemmings following the queues to nowhere.

All you have to do now is look at the next event and see if you can more quickly pick up on the misdirection.

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Trump "Shithole" Comment Is Misdirection
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