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Trump's Faux Pas

We can avoid the re-election of Donald Trump in 2020!

Russian President, Vladimir Putin and United States President, Donald Trump - July 2017

As Trump's Presidency has unfolded, I watched and continue to watch and read about the distress the divide his Presidency has deepened in America. Or as some say, 'Murica.' I have also read as quite a few of his voters lamented, during news interviews, about their choice to vote for him. Why would they? Just because of his promises about improving healthcare, his promises of beating job losses abroad, and they all became broken promises as their hometowns continue to suffer the tariff wars. Never mind that so many white American women have become too comfortable in smacking innocent teenage black boys at public swimming pools or calling the police when a black family is innocently barbecuing. For me, President Trump is like every kid who bullied me as a kid, who taunted me with racist slurs, the men who sexually harassed me later, and even still do today, and who feel a sense of entitlement that turns ugly at my rejection; they are all rolled up into one guy who has been voted into the President's office. Fortunately, the #MeToo movement has come a long way in such a short time. Ebony Magazine did an interview with Tarana Burke, who founded #MeToo for her movement in 2007 to reach sexual assault survivors in underprivileged communities. Since Alyssa Milano has brought a light to the catchphrase, now it's EVERYWHERE! All are survivors of sexual harassment and abuse. Otherwise, I never even would have heard of it, or its roots! Right on, to both women! Sadly, most people forgot who Donald Trump is. 

Thanks America.

Even elected officials must deal with bullies. And those bullies can wear a suit (or pantsuit!) and tie, speak pretty words when it suits them, and then do what they want as soon as they are behind closed doors where no one can see them. Our good government officials need US to help them! Where did we go when the last campaign started? Maybe we all got so comfortable, we forgot we NEED to voice our opinions by VOTING! We must really take a good look at not just what the candidates promise, but their past record of behavior, in and out of the public eye, and how they are while they speak publicly. We could just as easily have a lame for a presidential candidate in either party the next time around! What do we do then? How can we avoid this in the future? I can't believe that ALL Republicans are happy with their representation by Trump and his actions! I honestly believe that they are showing a certain amount of professional courtesy towards him, until he is either impeached or done with his term. Yes, I feel sorry for them!

For the United States to avoid another Trump faux pas, we cannot be led to become under a veiled monarch rule! Donald Trump is NOT our king, his daughter, Ivanka, is NOT our princess! Neither of them represents the best interests of the United States overall. His team is already gearing up for his re-election campaign in 2020. Ivanka Trump has closed her clothing line shop doors to focus on supporting her father. This means she will be visiting states where his rating has fallen, hoping to enlist support of the voting women from those areas. There are quite a lot of women voters that know she is not on the same levels in personal achievement as they are. In every walk of life! 

The Threat of Russia

Russia is a country that is well-known for their political leaders’ paranoia. In the 1980s, my maternal grandmother visited Moscow with her ladies auxiliary group. When they returned, they did indeed have their own experiences and shared them. I will never forget overhearing how they knew that their hotel room had been bugged! How nice of the hotel staff to have brought them toiletries and towels without being asked! A conversation my grandmother and her friend had BEHIND their locked hotel room door. One of the many small things and easy to dismiss as coincidence. Is it that Russia has such an intense appreciation for covert affairs, that even a small group of white, elderly American women could possibly have been viewed as a threat to their national security? How many times has Putin been voted into office? How upset are his people over the way he runs their country? Do they believe their elections are fixed? How old was Maria Butina when she came over to America and began spying? 

Putin is not someone we want gallivanting around American soil, placing his little surveillance devices around the White House! Or sending any little 'innocent' gifts to anyone in our government! America has our own 'hooligans' and we are very comfortable with ourselves! Putin has been a target by protest groups while out of his home country, such as in this video, which was a demonstration in Ukraine by Femen. The woman, Oksana Shachko, who was recently found dead by suicide, had been kidnapped and beaten for her display to raise awareness. We don't need anyone from a dictatorship telling us how to protest, or how NOT to protest, to change our laws! America has this little thing in our Constitution, called 'Due Process!' In regards to that, a lawsuit accusing President Trump of violating our Constitution was just approved yesterday by a judge in Maryland, and no one needed to get naked to raise awareness! Personally, I liked reading this article last night by The Washington Post, but you have to pay one dollar for monthly online subscriptions. Totally worth it!

Russia is far older than the US and like most European countries, it’s beautiful in terms of architecture and culture! I, for one, love to read about the famous monk Grigori Rasputin, since he was one of the world’s most well-known Russian mystics, and I'm all about that! These days, I keep looking at the Nostradamus Prophecies as well. It was Rasputin who saw the end of The Romanovs, Russia's royal dynasty who had ruled there for over 300 years. But every rose has its thorn, and the threat of a dictatorship is a thorn in any country's side. Let's just hope that it hasn't managed to dig too deep here!

I was going to include a link for the site,, but it seems to have been suspended. Funny thing is, it was available last week! I did find an alternative site to read Nostradamus’ translated Quatrains. Why not check them out and judge for yourself? 

*Did you like what you read? Check out my profile for more! 

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