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Trump Is Hurting the Economy

Hillary is not locked up. There is no wall.

Let's review the current situation. Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's campaign manager, was locked up in jail and has pleaded guilty to crimes and made a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office. Hillary Clinton is a respected former U. S. Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, and first lady. America is finally sobering up and facing reality. How many subpoenas were issued in the four year investigation into the Benghazi episode aimed at hurting Hillary Clinton's political chances? Zero, that's how many. How many subpoenas have been issued in the current FBI investigation into Russian collusion? There have been more than thirty issued, that's how many. Wake up America, Donald Trump is a train wreck, a political disaster who will be impeached. Let's all hope that happens soon, because don't underestimate his power to completely mess up this great economy. You can argue that he poured fuel on the fire to get the economy going even better than it was already going by advocating for and getting the tax cuts passed, but ever since then he has repeatedly done things to hamper the markets.  He has done so repeatedly in the middle of the day with tweets threatening to impose tariffs on various nations. In fact, the man makes a comment almost every other day that kills the rising market gains for the day! The notion that Hillary Clinton would have hurt the stock market is RIDICULOUS. If you look at Dow gains during the first five hundred days of presidencies, Trump ranks behind Clinton, Bush, and Obama. The stock market was roaring for seven of the eight years under Obama, and Hillary Clinton was also promising a tax cut package, albeit it a much more responsible one. She also would not be saying things to suddenly give the markets jitters every other day. 

The world literally laughed at our President recently. He bragged at the U.N. about how awesome his administration was, and they burst out laughing. That's where America is today. Our leader is openly ridiculed in public by representatives of other nations. Trump constantly argues that he is making great business deals around the planet, but he is doing nothing of the sort. He is starting trade wars and antagonizing everyone. He was handed a great economy that was recovering and chugging along very nicely. They poured some fuel on the fire and it has continued to burn for the time being, but at enormous expense to our future. Where are the deficit hawks in the Republican party today? Where are they? Trump's personal business was a house of cards before he became president. Of course, now he is the one who is enriching himself using the office of the presidency. He admires and coddles dictators much to the dismay and horror of other nations. Donald Trump hasn't brought coal back and he hasn't made fantastic trade deals with other nations.

I address the economy in this article, and not the other completely dangerous and horrible things that Trump is doing, because that's what die-hard Trump supporters hang their hats on. They drink that Fox News kool-aid that makes them believe that Obama was bad for the economy, and that Trump is the main reason the economy is doing so well these days. There is no doubt that the economy would be doing so much better under the steady leadership of anyone except the shallow and selfish man who is in charge now. The day in and day out narcissism of the President is sickening to watch. Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does. It gets much worse, like the other day when he tried to say the the university  and Puerto Rican government findings that almost 3,000 American citizens died due to problems directly caused by the hurricane last year were made up by Democrats and the media. As usual, it's all a conspiracy against him, and everybody is in on it! This next election really is going to be the most important election in a generation. I have faith in our Republic and it's institutions, and I have faith in the rule of law in this country. God Bless America, and get out and vote this November.

Scott Bowen
Scott Bowen

I am a Democratic activist from Alexandria, Virginia. I grew up overseas where my parents served as a Foreign Service Officers. I work for local government and have a strong interest in racial relations and discrimination in America.

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Trump Is Hurting the Economy
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