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Tricia Gives It to Her Congressman!

TNP Co-Host Gives It to Blaine Luetkemeyer

TNP co-host, Tricia Smith, asks her Congressman, Blaine Luetkemeyer, seemingly difficult questions in response to his newsletter lauding his and his party’s “accomplishments.” Read below and judge for yourself. Do YOU see that anything was accomplished? If not, there is one way to fix it. VOTE!

Congressman Luetkemeyer’s Newsletter: 

Finally, I had the opportunity to tour the FAA’s TRACON facility, which serves as the primary air-traffic-control facility for St. Louis Lambert International Airport. There are few jobs more stressful than an air-traffic controller, and I’m extremely grateful for the hard working professionals who make sure thousands of people who fly in and out of Missouri each day safely. We discussed future funding concerns, and I look forward to working with my Congressional colleagues to keep this facility running.
It was an exciting week in Missouri’s third district, and I thank everyone for making the time to discuss your priorities with me!

TNP Response: I see that you conveniently left out the constitutional crisis in which the cowardly, feckless, and complicit GOP Congress has put our country, aided by a corrupt, and treasonous president and his administration. Care to comment?

Congressman Luetkemeyer’s Newsletter: 

I had the opportunity to meet with local leaders in the fight against human trafficking, including St. Charles Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar, O’Fallon Police chief Roy Joachimstaler, and representatives from the Department of Homeland Security, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, the Child Advocacy Center, and Gateway Human Trafficking. They briefed me on the role our local community’s law enforcement and district attorney’s offices play in finding justice for victims. In April, President Trump signed legislation sponsored by fellow Missourian, Congresswoman Ann Wagner which took a huge step in the fight against online sex trafficking. I was proud to cosponsor this important legislation, but we must continue our work to fight these terrible crimes and protect children across the globe.

TNP Response: And what specifically is the giant step forward you took in addressing sex trafficking? Did you really do anything or did you just get together to talk about the fact that "we must continue our work?" What are the details of this bill you cosponsored? How will it help?

In keeping with the child protection issue about which you claim to be concerned, when you met with the child advocacy center did you address the legal lines you crossed along with the moral and ethical lines when you robbed parents seeking asylum of their children? What are you doing to make sure the children who were STOLEN AND POTENTIALLY ORPHANED (thanks to your party) are being reunited with their parents?

How are we going to help fix what you broke? How are we going to fix what you broke in these children's hearts and minds, what you broke in the parents, what you broke in these families (some "family values" party you are), what you broke in the perception of the United States among other countries in the world, what you broke in our nation's earned respect? What are you going to do?

Congressman Luetkemeyer’s Newsletter: 

With only a week until Labor Day, the House of Representatives district work period is quickly coming to a close. This month, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with many constituents and business owners across the district to talk about their legislative priorities. This week I met with a variety of groups to hear their stories, and I’d like to share just a few.

TNP Response: You mention a lot of meetings and briefings in your "newsletter," but you shared no real news. How about you work to earn the paycheck we allow you. Do your duty and provide a check on this runaway train of a president. Be a real patriot. Or? Step aside before we vote you aside.

Make sure to check out the full episode "Democrats, If Not Now, When?" from The New Progressives Podcast, available on iTunes! Follow us on FB @TNPPodcst and on Twitter @TNPOnlyForward!

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Tricia Gives It to Her Congressman!
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