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Traitor Trump Tweet

An innocent tweet may lead a top Trump advisor to resign or be fired.

A few days ago, there was an email that came in from work. In essence, it said to be careful what is posted on social media because it can come back and bite us in the ass. Today, Rudy Giuliani proved this with an accidental tweet that implies he believes something that many Americans do as well about Donald Trump. And just wait until word of this gets back to Trump, it will not be pretty. Though it is unclear what, if anything, will be said about it—after all, after firing Jeff Sessions and pushing off a press conference out of deference to mourning former President George H.W. Bush, Trump has to use his time to try and discredit the Mueller investigation. So, there's a chance that "Uncle" Rudy's tweet will go unnoticed or at least not talked about.

Tweet a little tweet.

Tough guy Giuliani, who must be sweating bullets that his client is about to be indicted, decided to take to Twitter and make wild statements about Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This is par for the course for a man who famously said: "The truth is not the truth."

New York City's former Mayor sent this message to his followers, "Mueller filed an indictment just as the President left G-20. In July he indicted the Russians who will never come here just before he left for Helsinki. Either could have been done earlier or later. Out of control! Supervision please?"

Nothing particularly incendiary about that right? Well, if you also click on the hyperlink, it says that Donald J. Trump is a traitor this country.

Amen to that.

Trump's former fixer and general counsel, Michael Cohen, has pleaded guilty to lying to Congress. And he did so without asking for immunity or a deal in place to get a more lenient sentence. As the Manafort case began to unfold in the press, Cohen admitted that he was negotiating with Moscow on building a Trump Tower in mother Russia. For his part, Donal Trump has claimed that he had nothing to do with that and was not involved in any of that. This is believable, if only because it is rumored that Trump senior can't be bothered with details on anything. However, Cohen is no longer willing to "take a bullet" for Trump, but seems to be launching them at his former client and friend. In court, he has already admitted that Trump ordered him to pay off Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal to avoid an adultery scandal before the 2016 election. It is widely believed that this violates campaign finance laws. Which would make Trump a criminal, or allegedly more of one. If one forgets the whole business of alleged Russian interference with the election, with Trump's blessing.

All of this has to be making Giuliani worry about what's coming down the pike. Like his newfound friend (how long will this bromance go on for?) Rudy takes to Twitter to try and defuse a scandal more often than a boss tosses out tasks that need to be completed before the end of the day. This time though, instead of avoiding an embarrassment, he stepped into one by posting that link that should go viral. Trump is a traitor.

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Traitor Trump Tweet
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