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Tory Infighting Continues to Plague Brexit Efforts

The party in power is in need of change.

As it has been since the referendum result in 2016, Brexit is constantly in the peripheral vision for the UK. The end of year deadline to secure a deal is fast approaching, but the way in which the talks are going the possibility of the UK not agreeing a deal with the EU is becoming more likely. The clock is ticking on the UK’s future and our stance on the world stage is in need or resolution.

The past two years were supposed to have been spent arranging a deal which would see the UK leave the EU whilst at the same time still giving us some trading ties with continental Europe. When Brexit Secretary David Davis quit in July, the UK government looked to be woefully unprepared to give the country a deal which every single person who voted leave would want. This is turning into a reality. Certain branches of the Leave campaign seem to think that the EU need strong trading deals from the UK, it is unfortunately the other way around.

The chances of a second vote is becoming increasingly less likely by the day and the important thing for the UK is to have its politicians discussing on behalf of the people to get a deal which the Brexiteers promised. Whether you voted leave or remain, it’s a case of we’re all in it together. The people who wanted to leave have got that and need to get on with their job.

Unfortunately, the Conservative party is locked in a civil war at present and it doesn’t look like it will be ending any time soon. Boris Johnson calling Theresa May’s Brexit plan a ‘suicide vest’ during a heated debate in which a back bencher stated she’d probably quit if Johnson became party leader was just the latest instalment of calamity in the Commons.

Johnson has been heavily critical of May’s strategy over the Brexit talks. Rather than adding anything of any use it seems he would rather take to his Mail on Sunday column to criticise his party leader any chance he gets. “In the talks so far, Brussels gets what Brussels wants,” was how it was worded in his latest column. He seems destined to be a dead weight on a struggling party. It would make more sense for Johnson and any other Conservatives to wait until after March 2019 (official Brexit day) before throwing their hat into the ring for leadership. Perhaps if they had any sort of consideration for the future of the UK as we get set for a new dawn then they would put their personal agendas on the back burner. Unfortunately it seems this is not the case.

The former Foreign Secretary has hardly been out of the headlines in recent weeks but comparing the Prime Ministers actions due to that of a suicide bomber is horrendous to say the least. It’s almost as though he thinks he’s on a higher plain of importance where his comments go without consequences. That or his archaic political views and pig-ignorant attitude is getting him the attention he craves. What he brings to the world of politics remains to be seen, answers on a post card and all that.

The Conservative party needs a shakeup and this opinion is more out of the fact the country needs sorting out rather than general concern for the Tories...There isn’t much of that around. The clock is ticking on getting a deal sorted out with the EU in time for our official exit. Nothing seems to be going right in the Brexit process but it’s coming to the point in the timeline where this needs to change.      

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Tory Infighting Continues to Plague Brexit Efforts
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