This Is a United Kingdom?

Fallout from the general election.

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The UK General Election 2017 was the result of Theresa May's Government deciding that a snap general election was the best way forward for "the country". I agreed that it is a difficult position that Mrs May had been placed in, and the desire to bring "the country" together to rein in a strong front for the UK to sit round the negotiation table for Brexit that would honour the democratic will of the people of the UK to leave.

With the result yielding a hung parliament and Conservatives finding themselves losing their majority of the House and they are turning to the DUP to secure a majority.

The UK General Election almost signifies how the broken this United Kingdom is, and how easy it is to pour salt in old wounds to make them raw gain, and why history written by the conquering hero does no justice for the future and a bit of honest wouldn't go a miss.

Let just start with Mrs Mays issue of bringing "the country" together. There isn't one country in the United Kingdom, it is made of 4 countries, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales , so tone of 1 Queen 1  country is the start of the problem. To call it Britain does no justice to Scotland and Northern Ireland, as Britain is only England and Wales and Britain was only gets Great when Scotland joined the gang. The history of our small island is dank and bloody and the narrative has been the conquering hero is British, deal with it!. Well no, I am not British, I could only actually be Great British, and anyway I am Scottish even though my blood is Irish, Scotland is home and what I do affects Scotland. I like that the English are English, the Welsh are Welsh and Irish are Irish also and a little recognition of each of our countries would be helpful in this time when the wounds of The Northern Ireland Troubles are still healing and generations of bloodshed are almost at an end for the children of Northern Ireland and children in Great Britain are getting further way from their own history,we  know why we don't stir up sectarian nonsense that does nothing but create tension across these Isles.

Once upon a time I could say my Dad is a Derry man and there was an instant understanding, regardless age, of my father. It simple, meant he was a Catholic because I didn't say London Derry, if I had he would be a Protestant.

"Divine rule" in nut shell is what all the fighting in the UK is about. Divine rule is God's representative on earth, Catholics believe that the divine ruler is the Pope and Protestant's believe that it is Queen of England who is the head of the church. The English monarchs once were Catholics also but disagreements and power struggles happen and English monarch broke away from Rome and anointed themselves the Divine ruler.

The UK is well aware of what a Holy war is and I chuckled that someone was suggesting the character of DUP was up for questions because there was no Muslims in the party, we are 300 yrs a head of you on Holy wars on this these Islands, so do please shut the F' up virtue signalling over Muslims, we just got Catholics and Protestant to sit together around the table, we don't need an add dimension to the Troubles.

In most the vulgar way the difficulty of bringing the Catholics and Protestants together was brought to light in the UK during the election campaign and in the fallout. During the election campaign it was used in Scotland against the SNP. Being the daughter of a Derry man and living under deal with it you are British gig, I just watched but it wasn't my only reason for not saying anything at the time . The Northern Ireland Troubles were used like weapon against a political party and now in the fallout, I watch again but this time the only difference, they are now using the opposite side of the Troubles.

The other reason I said nothing was I am intently watching the SNP's behaviour and have been disturbed with creeping agonistic behaviour of the SNP and their supporters and their continued immaturity politically to not butt out of other countries business and actively stir up tension that are in part spilled over from the Northern Ireland Troubles on the central belt of Scotland. They do this by picking a side, it's disgusting and not very diplomatic.

Since I have been one twitter I have realised that Troubles spill over didn't affect the whole of Scotland so some have expressed they don't understand all the fuss is Scotland, all I can say is don't feed wood to the fire. I have no desire to see Scotland plunged into a situation like they had in Northern Ireland to make Scotland independent but I often see idiots on both sides of constitutional question vulgarly use Northern Ireland with a complete lack of Consideration of the people of Northern Ireland and the healing that is happening being still ongoing.

Northern Ireland is Northern Ireland because it is a Great Britain strong hold, let's not pretend that it's not and if you are looking through rose tinted glass with a view, what do mean the British are a God send to the world, just shut up now and interent search "The Country's" last 300 year history with impartiality. I am long done picking sides when it comes to religion and Holy wars and how broken this UK is, because it is all wrong and not in my name.

When I see people using old images of the IRA and UDF, to belittle Sinn Féin and DUP I want to scream. We can't change history, we can only move forward and for children of Northern Ireland it is not right for the English, Welsh and Scots to pour salt in the wounds of the Troubles and trash the intent of the Good Friday Peace deal, that mostly brought an end to a physical war between the Republicans and Loyalist. The rest of the UK have to accept that DUP and Sinn Féin is the political voice chosen by the people of Northern Ireland to represent them in the here and now,  it is wrong to belittle their political choice for your own political means.

The people of Northern Ireland deserve better than getting told your political representatives at Westminster are not welcome to be part of a valid government. The DUP wishes for Northern Ireland is that Sinn Féin get of their high horse and actually use the political system to Northern Ireland's benefit and take their seats at Westminster. Sinn Féin still strong in their conviction that Ireland is 1 country they do not, still take the bloody wage though, so morals are bit lacking in Sinn Féin's argument to not give 100% representation for people of Northern Ireland at Westminster.

I don't know what will happen with this United Kingdom but we have to find political solutions in 2017 not fight bloody wars. I never want a child to be looked down on just because of their religion or what part of this "family of nations" tree their history fell out of. Like I said already I am of Irish blood, my father was Irish my Mother's Father was Irish, my Maternal Grandmother parents were Irish, grew up hearing how thick the Irish was and this just a daily norm in  the1970/80/90's. When I was younger it used to make me angry, this was daddy that are calling thick and he was anything but.

I think all people in UK have to take good long hard look at themselves and their behaviour when it comes to Sinn Féin and DUP, yes Northern Ireland has mucky past but their children deserve the peace the Good Friday peace deal sought to bring, it is up to the other 3 countries of this United Kingdom to also respect that outcome. The DUP has as much right to form a coalition at Westminster as any other party and the People of Northern Ireland deserve a bit of respect and the chance to rebuild their home after a most destructive recent past.

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Méave Gallagher
Méave Gallagher

"It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself. "

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