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There Is No Great Replacement

A.k.a "White Genocide"

Alright. So, this will be my third piece (second concerning a conspiracy theory) and honestly, this one feels like I'm putting my own head in a noose, like I'm about to catch all kinds of shit for this one—and yet I'm compelled to continue. 
So, let's do this. Let's nip this in the bud. Let's talk about "white genocide."

I'll keep this light. So the Great Replacement theory (theory being the operative word) claims that a shift in the demographic of non-white immigrants is evidence of a systematic and methodical genocide aimed towards native born whites and the framing of this is meant to imply that white people are under attack from said immigrants. It's a weird theory especially since a lot of former colonies like North America and Australia where there were no white people now have white majorities. 

Without going into too great a detail, the UN has five categories that fall under their definition of genocide; killing, causing serious bodily or mental harm, forcing poor conditions of life to bring about physical destruction, prevent births within or remove children from a particular ethnic, religious or political group. So you can see, right off the bat, that a shift in demographics doesn't meet any one of those five conditions listed above. 

Many will point to what's happening on farms in South Africa as evidence of genocide and while some of the attacks have been racially motivated, 90 percent were established as robbery being the motive due to the rural and secluded locations of the farms. Also, 48 percent of the victims were black, Indian or mixed race. There's just nothing definitive to say it's part of a widespread operation. 

Now the ways people perpetuate the Great Replacement theory is somewhat dubious to put it lightly. They will take only parts of statistics so as to better frame their argument and lend credence to the theory. A quick example; I could take a look at censuses taken in the years 2001 and 2011 in the UK shows that white British people went from 92 percent to 87 percent which looks bad, right? But the population of white people went from 54.1 million to 55 million in that same 10 year period which is obviously an increase in numbers and flies in the face of the theory that these people are pushing. 

Similarly, I could also pair the percentage drop with the fact that the Asian British (Indian, Pakistani, Chinese etc.) population went up nearly 70 percent and say if these trends continue then whites will be a minority by year "X" which is foolish for two reasons. Firstly, these types of statistics fluctuate and therefore they can't be used to determine statistics in the future. It'd be like saying Olympic runners will have cracked the speed of sound by 2050 which is patently ridiculous. Secondly, it would imply that white British people would have to slow down or stop reproducing altogether for decades in order for Asian British (the second largest demographic in the UK at seven percent) to close the distance and become the majority. 

Here's where the water gets muddied though. Race isn't so easily defined because we're the products of thousands of years of different backgrounds intermingling with one another. Data on ethnic groups are usually compiled via a census but some countries, such as France, don't even record such data due to how Nazi Germany used them to facilitate the Holocaust. In some cases demographics are based on estimates.  Immigrants are often lumped together. Here in England, the second largest demographic of immigrants are Eastern Europeans (you know, white people) but someone might keep that vague for the sake of pushing said conspiracy theory and painting the picture of hordes of brown people in your mind instead.

Depending on the person, race might not be the key factor against caucasian identity. It might be religion. Namely, Islam, of course.  Whoever is "replacing" us seems to be of little importance, though it's almost certainly brown people, and it's always Caucasians on the self-defense. 
But even if we humour the theory and say, "Yeah, this is definitely happening," then how do we explain how it's happening? How do we convince ourselves that entire races of non-whites have banded together to conspire against us to either migrate to predominately white countries or outpace us in terms of reproduction? How do those "pulling the strings" make white people reproduce at a slower rate? It doesn't hold up because it's not logistically viable. How does one orchestrate something like that? 

Another term that's bandied about is "cultural Marxism" although this is a conspiracy theory on its own but I think they go hand in hand. Cultural Marxism purports that there are people who are trying to subvert Western culture and capitalism of which homosexuality, civil rights and feminism are byproducts of. The term, actually a sort of a rebranding, having evolved from "cultural bolshevism" which is something Nazi Germany used to smear political opponents and since the supposed perpetrators of cultural Marxism are almost always Jewish that should give you some idea of the stock of people we're dealing with here. Anders Breivik decried it in his manifesto before he killed 77 people. 

Like the Great Replacement theory, Cultural Marxism is founded on speculation and assumption and it hinges on an imagined fantasy for a yesteryear that many never knew. I mean, I get it. The country isn't the same as it was when I was a kid and I don't think music is as good as it used to be either. In fact, the most recent artist I have on my iPod is probably Ed Sheeran (and even then that's an arms-length relationship) and the rest are either dead or washed up. I'm not saying we have to go out and like Ariana Grande or anything but you have to accept that some people do. You have to accept that the world keeps on spinning and things change, maybe in ways you might not like but that's life. This is coming from someone rapidly approaching his 30s so this is a bitter pill for me too, but I'm not buying into hate and conspiracy theories. 

So rather than a tsunami, it's more like the natural ebb and flow of the tide and it doesn't sound so scary when it's worded like that, does it? The fact of the matter is there is going to be more people in the decades to come as life expectancy and conditions of living become better for everyone. If it shifts one way or the other that's not proof of a sinister takeover especially if evidence points to the contrary. We live in an extraordinary time where information has never been so readily available to us and to see it ignored or outright distorted to push our primordial fears is somewhat disheartening. Remember, you are not entitled to your opinion, but rather you are entitled to an informed one. 


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There Is No Great Replacement
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