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The World Of Modern Problems

Wait.....?? What....??

This would be about where we are at, as a populace....

Where Are We Headed?

Seems as though somebody opened up the fireplug at the end of the block and left her unattended. In a world supposedly controlled more and more by computers and algorithms, self driving cars and the like, it's the people that are out of control. For a generation or two past the first Nuclear Weapon being used, we sure are headed the wrong direction with some several thousand of them available for use by the countries that are supposed to the civilized ones. In fact, one wonders, with the rate of hostility out there today what are we even doing having these darn things accessible to any human being?

Perhaps we need to take a step back and look at how we got to this point of heartache and sorrow anyway. Where did we lay the foundation for this inhumanity to humanity that seems to be the norm these days?

If one person can so influence an entire nation then what does that say about us as fellow human beings? In fact, are we that easily mislead or pushed into scrapping age-old belief systems that have served us so well for what may come, or is it something else entirely? Maybe there is an underlying force within all of us that knows we are on the horizon of some event or major change, that we have collectively thrown our caution to the wind a sort of "Devil may care", cavalier attitude as we stand in the face of some future unknown.

One wonders if we can even approach this bleak or positive future with any vibrancy anyway, for as we go to pieces we support no set course like a ship, rudderless, into the sea of whatever and the sails of words whispered drive us all the while being steered by the Mad "Captain Obvious". Who should see with clear eyes, the potential hazards or should he?

In fact one wonders if his eyes are dimmed somewhat. Would that not mean his direction would be an easier fit with the general populace as they prefer to be led along in an easy direction, for difficulty creates a choice that must be made and lived with. In today's world that could the most troubling decision an individual must stand behind, the place which defines ones life.

Time will either approve of humanity's docking choice or it will send us a message to turn around head back out and try again. Let's pray for a good landing.

Tomorrow's generation will thank us for our ability to either be strong or to choose instead weakness as a platform for what will be a statement to thousands of years of our descendants as they move to further galaxies in the search for answers or are there no more to find. If that is the case, then what will become of those who continue the search?

You and I, are the only answer...

For without us the world ceases to hold the magic that uplifts the human spirit, the picture in our minds that says "beauty exists in everything we do say and write." Once this is gone, or even diminished, then there is no reason to exist and the video will not play, the website will not load, and the breath we hold so dear, becomes extinguished.

We must never let this take place for if this current progression is to develop than we are truly doomed to a repetitive behavioral pattern that brings with it the loss of our own created perfection as a species which in turn defines us and allows us to turn to the universe and, although humbled by, it stand up for ourselves and say we matter we exist and will continue to do so.

Throughout time, we live, we love, we seek, and someday we will find that which will answer all the questions we have sought for all eternity.

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The World Of Modern Problems
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