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The "True" Narrative, as I See It

Considering Everything

It’s time for the poor bastard to be swallowed by a whale. 

Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” is released today, a week earlier than planned, as a response to the President’s threats of a cease and desist. 

Bluff called. 

Despite Pinocchio’s claims to the contrary, of course Wolff was allowed White House access. How would the author have otherwise attained his interviews?

To Steve Bannon, no, the “leftist” media has nothing to do with your current problems. You’re done. You opened your mouth, and time will tell if your words to Wolff were truthful, or vengeful. 

Or both.  

A common thread on social media from hardcore Trump supporters is this: “It’s politically motivated. If the President is guilty of anything, how come we’ve never heard of any of his crimes before?” Or, “What about Hillary’s uranium scandal? She should be in jail.” 

To the second, Hillary Clinton is not your President. Deflect to your hearts’ content, but you’re wasting your time. To the first ...

It’s a misinformed question. I lived in New York during Trump’s first heyday, when he was regular tabloid fodder. Everything from admitting to casually watching Miss USA contestants strip backstage, to ex-wife Ivana’s claims of “rape” (since rescinded) ... to his multiple controversial appearances on Howard Stern’s radio show, and perhaps most damning as it regards his business character, his multiple bankruptcies and suspicions of money laundering. Long has our current President of the United States operated in the shadows. Google search: “Sater, Felix,” or “Bayrock Group, LLC,” or “Deutsche Bank” for some decades-old reportage. 

Taking everything into consideration, including the explosive new revelations - not all proven, let’s be fair, but nonetheless - my thoughts on the “true” narrative is as follows: 

As recently reported, Trump never believed he would win the Presidency. He ran for office to increase the viability of his brand. And then he won. Now what? Despite his claims, he very likely maintains numerous business dealings with Russia. He has for years, and it’s doubtful much of anything has changed. Hence, no tax returns - personal or corporate - as they would likely have been telling. He consistently attempts to obstruct justice with daily deflections as Mueller gets closer and closer to “The Truth.”

Regarding Russian “collusion,” that’s a bit problematic. Yes, he’s snuggled up to Putin. Yes, one of his own attorneys had also been attempting to finalize a deal for a Moscow Trump Tower project, since scrapped, during his client’s Presidential campaign. The subject of “collusion” as it’s been discussed is based on Trump’s cooperation with Russia to win the election. As regardless of party affiliation we know only what we’ve been presented thus far, I’ve come to believe Trump (opinion only) did not “collude” as most are considering the action. He “colluded” to further his business interests. 

Perhaps the cliché fits: A spade is a spade. But I will say this, in conclusion: For as long as this shadow-figure continues to destabilize the world, Wall Street’s ongoing blowjob of his character will further muddy his public perception as an “economic genius,” or a “master manipulator.” If he could, Donald J. Trump would shut down free reportage in a minute to save face with his base. It is high time to let the dominoes fall, and truly Make America Great Again. This is no leader. This is a mosquito infected with narcissism and blood (ours), spreading malaria. Impeachment is absolutely, and sadly, necessary. 

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The "True" Narrative, as I See It
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