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The True Minimum Wage in California

Is It Livable?

The minimum wage, such a hotly contested situation, is now $10.50 an hour in the State of California. The politicians bicker constantly about what minimum wage should be. Is $10.50 an hour livable for most people? People wonder if this income bracket can get one off disability. Sometimes the system needs to be reminded just how low-income individuals can get while on the system. You get dinged for saving money after all, or making money for that matter. There is this thing called a PASS Plan. The plan is your method to make money. It is handwritten and your social worker reads it.

Minimum wage jobs are cool if you are low income but if you are looking to survive, then what? Large business needs to pay $11 per hour while smaller businesses are free to be at $10.50 an hour. Emeryville has the highest minimum wage in the country, which is at $15 an hour, like Sunnyvale, and Mountain View who have followed suit, according to the Sacramento Bee in an article written on December 28, 2017. Some people can work for minimum wage, give or take what type of job they have such as dishwashing and waitressing.

There is a population of 5.6 million in California, which would mean their annual income is $3,700. Minimum wage is as high as the politicians want to raise it. There is such thing as equal work for equal pay, which is not the standard right now. The minimum wage must be survivable income. Politicians are often resistant to raising the minimum wage if they are Republican, in particular. How do we convince all those Republicans to raise the minimum wage and make it fair for people? They are just lazy and don’t want to do it.

They throw hissy fits at the thought. But Democrats are wiser and want to raise the minimum wage despite what Republicans throw at them. People trying to make a living can barely make ends meet sometimes. This is a fact of life for these people who work paycheck to paycheck. The internet can yield a steady, extra paycheck but only if you have the time to work online as well as a part-time job in retail or food service. Retail jobs do help many make income but sometimes what they pay just isn’t enough. Politicians get paid a salary or stipend so they don’t understand what it’s like to be poor. They hardly understand what having bad health care or minimal health care is like. Single payer is another issue altogether.

Some of the politicians need to wrap their brains around what it’s like to be poor. They can’t. They choose not to. Opponents have no rationale for saying raising the minimum wage would hurt low-income communities. They do not take the cost of living in different parts of the United States. The Republicans obstruct new efforts to raise the minimum wage all the time by having filibusters. There is an odd argument going around that raising the minimum wage would cause poverty.

This argument makes no sense. People would be able to buy more things if they had more money. Republicans are full of hot air when they think that minimum wage is fine. Higher wages would reduce government spending on disability, and the system in general. Some people need disability and stay on it because they really can’t work. But the ones who can work deserve the chance to get a job. The ones who actually want to work need to be given a chance to prove they can work. 

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The True Minimum Wage in California
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