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The Problem With the Feminist Stance on Immigration

Hypocrisy? You decide.

The Feminist Movement's stance on the immigration crisis that is plaguing the United States is to keep the children with their parents. This sounds great! I think everyone can agree that children should be with their parents. However, for a movement that claims all these numbers about women's abuse and sexual assault. Why would they support a decision that puts children in a position where these horrible things can happen? Why are they unwilling to compromise on the matter?

Whatever side of the political aisle you fall on, you have to admit that these people have come into the country illegally. If they are willing to come into the country illegally, what keeps them from doing more illegal stuff such as beating or raping a child? Why would feminists argue to put children in the hands of people who are potentially dangerous? Some may argue it's because they're not dangerous, and that might be true. Why gamble the lives of children on that?

This causes a problem because it may hurt kids to be separated from their parents and it may hurt them to be stuck with them. So what does the feminist movement suggest we do? Their solution is to give the kids to the parents despite the risks. They refuse to see the danger these kids are facing and honestly, that's frightening. We live in a world that is getting more and more dangerous and this powerful movement in our society not only refuses to see the danger but is willing to subject children to a life of pain.

The movement that claims to be helping and protecting women from male oppressors is putting young girls in danger for political reasons. As I stated in an earlier article, the feminist movement has turned against women on the right and has therefore turned on itself. It has made itself synonymous with liberal Democrats. It claims to be working in the interest of all women and then denounces roughly half the female population of the U.S. By doing this they make themselves appear larger and more intimidating while in reality, half the female population denounces the movement due to the hypocrisy.

Alternatively, I propose the U.S. hire a team of psychologists to work with these kids while they undergo separation (which will only be as long as it takes the adult to prove they are the guardian). This is to determine if there are any psychological signs of abuse. Then if the adults gain citizenship, the psychologist would continue to work with the child for a period of six months. Additionally, this would be advantageous if the family was truly seeking asylum like they claim. The money to do this could come from Medicaid which is where foster cares get their money.

This is just one solution of many and the reason I included it is to prove that it's easy to compromise when it's for the well being of the children. The feminist movement didn't provide any solution that protects the children and, in reality, puts them in more danger. They do not understand the meaning of compromise at this point. If it is not done their way then it is because of the patriarchy and everyone is sexist against them. This way of acting takes away from any real sexism that may occur. It discredits women all over the country simply because the movement cries wolf. Is that a movement we want in America? Is that a movement we want influencing the minds of Americans?

Ultimately, Americans have to decide whether they should believe this movement blindly or recognize them for what they are. Actions speak louder than words and unfortunately, the movement's actions and words say very different things.

If you disagree, tell me why at [email protected] I hope I encouraged you to think about the feminist movement in a different light.

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The Problem With the Feminist Stance on Immigration
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