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The Modern Society is Truly Appalling

Society has started a downfall since the beginning of the millennium.

Society has started a downfall since the beginning of the millennium. So many new rules people made that makes no human innocent. Assume the wrong gender? You're a terrible person. Wear a dot on your forehead? That's "cultural appropriation," and you are going to hell. All of these annoying, unnecessary rules are ruining society. BLM, feminism, and all these other groups have their good side and their terrible side. The two impacting points that are destroying part of our society is racism and sexism.


People who are racist are terrible people. No human should be judged or harmed because of their race. But here is something people get mistaken on; anyone can be racist, and anyone can be a victim of racism. Some activists say black people can't be racist or white people can't be victims of racism. That's completely false (And racist).

I've seen videos of Black Lives Matter activists explain something about needing social power to be racist. But who said that? That's not what being racist means. The definition of a racist person is someone who shows prejudice or discrimination to a particular race. That means if you hate a race, you're racist!

Also, don't give me that "white men made dictionaries, so they are biased and false," because the person who invented the word, meant what they said as the definition. Society can't change someone's else's work. You don't need power to be racist, all you need is to be human.

Another little part about racism is cultural appropriation. Sometimes people take it too seriously. If a white person is wearing a bindi on their forehead because they like Hindu culture, they are not racist, nor is it cultural appropriation. It doesn't harm anyone. On the other hand, if someone was wearing a Bindi while making fun of the culture, it is most definitely culture appropriation. People enjoying other cultures is amazing!


Being sexist is also wrong. I support feminism as long as it involves men's issues too. Because we too have problems that need to be solved. And we need to understand that the wage gap is inexistent in 1st world countries. The #MenAreTrash saying is something I find sexist. Many say that it doesn't target to all men, but I still get offended. No one is "trash" because of their gender. 

Rape, sexual assault, the wage gap, and racism does not involve your sex because anyone can be a victim of these incidents, no matter your gender. I've seen some people online who call themselves "feminists," yet every one of their posts is talking about how men are terrible people and should disappear from society. What they post is so ridiculous I sometimes mistake them as satire posts.

In conclusion, if we don't leave anyone out, we make things a little brighter. Let's also remember that anyone can be racist or sexist and that anyone can also be a victim of both. We can all, as a society, eliminate these horrible traits and accept each other as we are all human. No one should harm or be harmed. That is the most important right we all have as humans. Of course, there are much more factors that ruin society, which I will cover in other parts of these series. One thing to remember is that we are all human.

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The Modern Society is Truly Appalling
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