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The Internet Thinks Emmanuel Macron Is James Bond — And There's a Photoshop War to Prove It

Twitter users have been having fun with a new photoshop battle.

Ever woken up and found out that your nation's leader is now an international spy? This is what happened to the nation of France when it woke up Tuesday morning to find photos of President Emmanuel Macron being received onto a French nuclear sub named Le Terrible from a helicopter. With the image splashed across the internet, people are now comparing Macron to 007, a.k.a James Bond.

Indeed, Twitter users have been having fun with a new photoshop battle that hasn't excluded Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Image That Sparked The James Bond Comparisons

While you can see the picture above, there's no doubt that Twitter took to this photo by storm. If you were me, you surely would without a doubt be a reason to look into the pictures of the president, and hope that a Photoshop battle would ensue. Which has happened, but not because of this picture. Instead? Another one, which has caused the internet to go into a huge battle that has turned out to be epic, and something you'll surely enjoy.

And Here's What Twitter Had to Say About this James Bond Like Moment.

So lets just cut to the chase. You know you want to read their reactions to this Hollywood-esque entry.

As you know, the picture above is exactly the proof fans of this conspiracy seem to enjoy the idea of him being a secret agent. What if, however, they got a bit more carried away with another Photoshop battle that put him in the spot of famous movie covers?

From 'Little Mermaid' to the 'James Bond' the Photoshop War Ensues

If you are one to like Photoshop wars, this is one for the ages, and it fits the Hollywood theme perfectly. So lets take a look at the war that ensued.

While we all know this works, we all know that James Bond seems to fit him quite perfectly.

While it's possible that Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't expecting to have Macron as his maiden voyage moment, seems the picture doesn't give him much choice.

While West Wing was a moderately amusing movie, there's something about the likenesses that make this photo all the better. I'm sure Martin Sheen is proud.

And then there's always The Wolf on Wallstreet that could be the next target. Does Leonardo DiCaprio ever get a break?

Last, but not least, there comes Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid who becomes one of the final victims for this epic war. At least ones to share. There's plenty more on Twitter.

Closing Thoughts

While it's always fun to see a Photoshop battle, there's no doubt one that's based around movies is just as awesome as it seems, and just as fun. While digital artists have been busy putting frogs on President Trump's face, this battle just took that cake, and gladly ate it.

So we can be glad that this one happened.

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The Internet Thinks Emmanuel Macron Is James Bond — And There's a Photoshop War to Prove It
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