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The Hills are Overrun with Sheep

and Freedom has been put to sleep

 YouTube video by kenmore36

On Monday the 13th of March 2017, the SNP, who is the main party at Holyrood and the majority of MP's at Westminster, decided to call Indyref2, although they tried to make it look like it's something new by calling it ScotRef. This is to the detriment of Scottish independence.

For the last year, I have been campaigning against named person on twitter and, as I'm an alternative voice that supports Scottish independence, was already shunned and abused by the insular bubble that will have no wrong said about the SNP on social media platforms. These folk are mostly angry ex-labour voters that neither reflect why I once voted SNP or what the fight for Scottish independence stood for and seek to gain, but has gave a unique perspective into Scotland and have found myself in company mostly of no voters on Twitter.

Due to this insular nature of the SNP independence supporters you get to see the otherside are saying, FYI indyref it's called listening. On the other side, Iain Martin ran a story in Reaction Life about only unionist care about Scotland, at first I was angry with this statement but considering that it's mostly unionist that listen to me over Scottish Government policies, there is some truth in it but it's not 100% true, otherwise this indy voice wouldn't speak up for Scotland against Holyrood and the leading parties in the independence movement,  No voters do care about Scotland  and  actually want to discuss the bigger issues beyond the constitutional question, which I haven't managed to do with indy supporters without being called a Lie-bour, traitor, Yoon etc. Indy if you want to win you must learn to to listen and stop name calling.

With that all said lets return to the SNP Disastrous announcement on indyref2 and why it is a disaster. The SNP claim to speak for Scotland yet the choose to ignore the largest polled majority in Scotland history, this will be the no voters that weren't convinced by the SNP's argument for the first independence referendum and have now on false positive claimed the people of Scotland haven't been heard. Why is it a false positive ? They based it on the result of the EU referendum in Scotland to call indyref2 .

  1. The SNP dangled a carrot to indyref2 by promising it during the EU referendum, so how many people voted to remain just to trigger indyref2? Aye I know shot their own foot and if it isn't obvious yet why, keep reading.
  2. The SNP might not be aware but most people don't read manifestos and  especially if they already know they aren't voting for that party . No voters already decided to remain part of the UK during indyref, then voted in a UK wide referendum based on the UK membership of the EU, the no voters are now regretting their remain vote as it has been hijacked by the SNP and now wished they voted leave.
  3. This would be the forgotten factor, for long enough the SNP as had steady support, it was just about 1/4 of Scotland but we were there with all hopes and dreams of sovereignty being returned to Scotland, clearly we voted Leave in the EU referendum, you can't be independent in the EU you surrender sovereignty and the SNP are assuming that choice between 2 unions is fit to put before us.

The SNP move on indyref2 was meant to be a big rattle on the Shackles of Westminster to crack and to break. It was in fact the shackles round Scotland being pulled tighter into the union and sheep being rounded up to not ask bigger question at conference that started on 17/03/17.

The SNP haven't listened to Scotland, they have no viable plan for independence that will give majority support for it, they contradicted themselves with the EU now EFTA angle, and aligned themselves with party that will campaign for independence based on EU membership.

They also managed to piss off the rest of rUK with their greedy, whinny toys out the pram during this fragile time for Brexit, that could destabilise UK governments position on the exit deal and with rUK our biggest trade partner, it is not in Scotland's interest to see this deal go badly and with a tantrum from the SNP, what will this do to our trade status with rUK? We need a workable relationship with rUK in the union or out the union. Growth in Scotland has be stagnant for all my life time and under the SNP it has got worse and worse.

The SNP's plans for Scotland from an independence point of view is not right for Scotland or the people that call Scotland their home, if it was the majority would have voted for this in 2014.

It's time to listen independence supporters not to political parties but to each other and talk about what currency,  personally would like to see the gold standard return, what trade will we have with EU, a tailor one to suit Scotland and oh what can we learn from this Brexit deal.

The New Global market is appearing and it isn't chained to large global corporations that seek to dominate the market anymore and true Free trade is returning.

Scotland, right now the SNP would do better to step back from this path they desire to lead Scotland down, it didn't appeal in 2014 it will kill independence for life time.

.......The Hills are over run with sheep

and freedom has been put to sleep

the time is right the time is now

renew your patriotic vow.......

.......For Scotland I will give my life

Gaberlunzie Freedom's Sword

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The Hills are Overrun with Sheep
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