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The Extreme Double Standards of Hollywood and Washington

Why We Expect More from One Side and Nothing from the Other

Hypocrites and the famous.

We have seen an onslaught of insults, hurled by both sides of the aisle, in the recent months.  There is definitely a double standard in Hollywood and the media, and Washington.  More specifically, comedians and the people who seem to think they set the moral standards for the rest of the country, and the world.  With the recent on-air insult hurled by Samantha Bee, and the Tweet by Rosanne, we have seen the clear double standard that exists in the media, Hollywood, and Washington.  While there was pandering on both sides, I think it is clear to see who wins in the end.  There will be direct quotes in this article, so be warned, there is foul language ahead, but I feel it necessary to get the point across.  There is no ill will and no hatred implied, so get over it!  

Rosanne tweets, "Muslim Brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby=vj".  And then doubles down when the flack starts and states, "ISLAM is not a RACE lefties, Islam includes EVERY RACE of people", and "it's a joke-".  Inappropriate? Perhaps.  But the backlash started from her own "friends" and co-workers, many of whom would not be famous if not for her, and her show is immediately canceled.  Valery Jarrett admitted it did not bother her, and she stated as much.  That did not matter though, as the networks heads had already spoken.  Now don't get me wrong, I believe in letting a private business make its own decisions, without interaction from the government, but it was certainly influenced by political ideals and pressures.  How does this show the hypocrisy in Hollywood?  We will get there, but when the people in the cast of her show, based on her comedy, come out against her, there is most definitely a problem with loyalty and hypocrisy.  I know everyone is asking, why shouldn't we hold the President to the same standard, and we should!  The difference here is she said something out of the purview of the public, and in private.  She was not a public servant, and she IS being held to that standard.  

Kathy Griffin, holds up the severed head, in effigy, of President Trump, and there was no backlash for it, except when pushed by supporters of the President.  CNN had to be forced to do something about it, and, in the end, it was the right decision. But she depicted decapitating the President, and no one initially saw a problem with this.  Snoop Dog, the rapper, depicted assassinating the President in a music video, and there was NO outrage by the left!  Of those on the right, only a handful took issues with it!  Madonna stated she wanted to blow up the White House!  Did anyone think this was a problem?  NOPE!   They said she was a great voice for women and girls everywhere.  Ashley Judd has made some of the vilest comments and accusations against the President and others and nothing has been done to her.  Why?  Because she is a leftist and that is OK to do to anyone they see fit to do it to.  Now Kathy Griffin sees fit to bash fellow comedians because they choose to leave the President out of their routines.  As Kathy saw, however, that did not go over too well with the comedian or his followers.  She has utterly been shamed, again, and is now left reeling in her self-loathing.  

Robert De Niro has now gotten a taste of his own medicine, and he can not take it!  For those that live under a rock, I will fill you in on the situation.  As a presenter at the Tony Awards, he was there to simply read a card to announce the winner of a category.  Instead of doing the simple thing he was there to do, he made it political and stated, "Fuck Trump!"  Then he doubled down and said it a second time.  He was not banned from the airwaves, he was not made to publicly apologize, and he has not been forced to give up his career and bankroll.  Instead, he is fostered as a hero and as someone who has the balls to stand up against an oppressive regime.  The irony, however, is that over the weekend of fathers day, someone was front and center in the Broadway show of his movie, A Bronx Tale, and at the curtain call, said person held up a Trump banner for 2020 that read, "Keep America Great, Trump 2020".  Of course, this set the audience in a tizzy, and the staff of the production, all had things to say about how disrespectful it was, and how it showed lacking class!  I'm sorry, your writer and producer did the exact same thing, and it was not nearly as clean and was certainly mean-spirited, and he was applauded, but an individual who paid the same money as everyone else to see a play, is shamed for it.  You are starting to see the hypocrisy in the world of Hollywood now!  

Alec Baldwin, Michael Strahan, Robin Roberts, Jim Carey, Madonna, Ashley Judd, Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dogg, the list goes on and on and on.  Kevin Hart, Ted Nugent, Kaitlyn Jenner, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West,  Rosanne Barr.  These are some of the many vocal political advocates for each side.  There is one major difference, though.  The first list is washed up, but help up to a greater esteem than any one person should be.  The second list is an active, money making, economy growing list of working people, that have been bashed for no reason other than they support the President of these United States.  What's worse, other national leaders have jumped on board the Trump bashing train, and this is where the danger lies.  Our enemies see this, and they start to get ideas of grandeur in their heads.  

Let's not forget, there are still several nations in the world, that just want to see us destroyed, and then clean up after it is all said and done.  Among those are China, and Russia, while on one side they are allies, on the other, they want nothing more than the total destruction of the American value system.  They see us divided and they are drooling over the chance to influence us into getting rid of our whole political system as a whole.  What's worse, as Americans, we are helping them to do this.  Our politicians are helping them do this, and our celebrities are helping them do this!  Remember a few years ago, when if you did the exact same thing to the Obama administration, you were a traitor and you should have been ashamed of yourself, but now, it's your right as a patriotic American to criticize your President and your government?  This charge was and is lead by Hollywood and the political left of this country.  Why?  Because they want complete and utter control, and you are happy to give it to them.  Why?  Because Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Paul Ryan, and all the other politicians have told you to.  George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, John McCain, Metallica, Alec Baldwin, Amy Schumer, Jim Carey, Snoop Dogg, etc, etc, etc, have told you that is the right thing to do, and anyone who says otherwise is a bigoted moron, and you should have them removed and shamed as well!  

People of Earth, wake up!  You can think for yourselves, you do not need these people or groups of people thinking for you.  If you really think Trump is a bigot, fine, as long as you came to that conclusion on your own, and not because media, political, Hollywood types told you to.  If you think he is a good man and a good President, fine, as long as you came to that conclusion on your own, and not because media, political, Hollywood types told you to.  We all have brains, that work independently, and even though we question how some work, they do work, and we have the ability to make our own decisions.  If you are able to look at a situation objectively and make your own mind up, you may see the world is an easier place to live in, and operate in.  That's just my two cents.  

Bradley Perry
Bradley Perry

A former police officer from N.C. and also a medical professional.  I write and have my own preparedness, security, and safety contracting and consulting firm.  We also use drones.  I also do blogs and have a podcast called The Blue View.   

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The Extreme Double Standards of Hollywood and Washington
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