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The Establishment's Last Stand

The Conservative-DUP government is set for disaster.

Credit: Getty Images Europe

May’s resignation seems inevitable. The Conservative party is in disarray. Labour’s Blairite overlords are crushed. Jeremy Corbyn is a hero.

As I write this, Theresa May and the Tories are desperately scrambling to form a government with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland. This government, if formed at all, won’t last; I predict it will be over within a few months. However, Jeremy Corbyn and Labour seem very quiet. It is only reasonable to conclude that they are giving Theresa May enough rope to hang herself. In other words, they are waiting for this to blow up in her face and then pounce. Polls already show Labour ahead of the Conservatives. Jeremy Corbyn is a Prime Minister in waiting.

The Conservative party has no mandate, none whatsoever. They failed to win enough seats for a parliamentary majority after anticipating a landslide victory. Meanwhile, the progressive politics of Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP and the Green Party makes up roughly 52% of the vote share - ~10% higher than the Conservative share.

Rupert Murdoch’s vile mission to distort democracy and sell the right-wing to the working class has failed. Completely, totally failed. His politics and media empire have been rejected. His years are numbered, the death of print journalism is coming, and one day nobody will read The Sun.

In the last 12 months, we have repeatedly seen the people reject the Establishment of various countries. A solid part of why Trump was elected, particularly why he got so much support in the rustbelt, was that he ran on an anti-Establishment ticket. Brexit, as put by Nick Clegg, was a revolt ‘against London, as much as it was Brussels’. Emmanuel Macron was elected President of France and ran with an entirely new party that he had formed. Bernie Sanders is, if polling is to be believed, currently the most popular politician in the US. These events are a rejection of status quo politics that seemed to be doing ordinary people no favours.

And now, Jeremy Corbyn has proved all naysayers wrong. He has won the most seats for Labour since 2005, and achieved a 5% higher vote share than Labour for that election. Although, the Tory share was obviously lower.

People are rising up against the Establishment that keeps them subjugated and continues the injustice of capitalism. Admittedly, this anger has not always been rightly placed – Trump is not, in fact, an anti-Establishment figure, he is a conman. And the Leave campaign was led by Establishment figures who were also misleading the public.

Nonetheless, people are rejecting the ruling class. This desperate scraping for power by the Conservatives, willing to sacrifice peace in Northern Ireland and enter into a pact with a far-right party, is the Establishment’s last stand before they are brought down by Jeremy Corbyn and the politics of hope, change and listening to the people. Blairites, one-nation Conservatives, old-guard Tories – their castle is sinking into the sand.

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The Establishment's Last Stand
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