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The Demise of Common Sense

What has happened to my country?

Like many around my own age (I was born in 1965), I have lived through harsh times, such as the capitulation of the Government to Trade Unionism, the so-called "Winter of Discontent," and some good, or rather feel-good times too. Yes, there were numerous conflicts around the world during those formative years, as well as droughts, famines, natural disasters, and so on. Yet the overriding memories I have where Government was concerned, was that the Law held sway and was always to be upheld.

Whether this was national or international law, the fact was it was always (seemingly) upheld and frequently quoted whenever a politician or the Government were criticised for "not doing enough" to address a certain situation in some far flung corner of the globe, or they had remained steadfastly unmoved by the plight of a certain group of peoples, or culture, or ethnic group. I always remember the politicians on TV referring to agreed law, national or international, as being the binding covenant that nations had thrashed out and agreed upon.

International Law, for example, set out the criteria for what constitutes a genuine "refugee," as well as "asylum seeker," in order to assist nations in deciding whether a person claiming either was genuine or not. International Law also recognised fundamental and basic measures that each individual nation took to determine the status of the individual claiming refugee or asylum status, in order to protect its own citizens. Is that not the first remit of any politician elected to govern? 

Indeed, I remember the first time anybody explained to me that, anyone wishing to live in this country (the UK), has a number of well established and internationally accepted methods of doing so legitimately. In other words, there are well-established and widely accepted procedures for anyone and everyone to use should they wish to live, or study, or visit the UK. Even when the European Union tried flexing its political muscle, we had at that time a Prime Minister who put UK citizens and their security above any individual utopian, socialist ideals and basically told them to get lost!

The UK was a country where endeavour and enterprise were rewarded, the economy was buoyant, Trade Unions were put in their place and we had a Prime Minister that took no BS, from anybody, as Argentina discovered to their cost in 1982. Immigration was controlled, carefully controlled I might add, so that the economy and infrastructure did not suffer under the weight of a massive influx and weight of numbers. This was a balance between heeding the calls to help those around the world most in need, and ensuring the security of UK citizens. The most important point to note here, is that the system worked, and worked well.

So, how did we get from the UK being a place of reward for hard work and enterprise, where population increase was carefully managed, all based upon a Christian Democracy, to the current shambles the UK finds itself in? In fact, is the UK alone in this political morass? Take a good look at any of the countries that are members of the EU, and you will find that they too, are struggling to cope under the weight of uncontrolled, mass immigration, ridiculous policies that discriminate against their own citizens, all under the guise of that modern day phrase, Political Correctness!

Common sense dictates that, should a country in the Middle East, or Africa experience some violent upheaval, where the population, or a section of the population is being persecuted, the international community has a moral responsibility to step in and collectively resolve the issue. This was the basis of the founding of the United Nations, was it not? Common sense dictating that the international community step in and sort the matter out! After all, ensuring that the population of the world enjoys peace and the opportunity to build their own nations into prosperous and democratic countries is a moral responsibility for us all?

Instead though, thanks to the "politically correct" machinations of what are popularly termed "career politicians" (who have never actually worked in a "proper job," by the way), the west is under threat like never before. Instead of collectively banding together and sorting out the mess in Syria, for example, career politicians insist that we absorb en mass entire regions of Syria, entire cities, towns, villages! At what cost? I do not mean the financial cost, I refer to the cultural cost, the historical cost, the cost to society in terms of peace, as opposed to the violent demonstrations of citizens against the discrimination in favour of the immigrant!

My country, the UK, has become a dumping ground for the ethnic groups of the world. I say this with no fear of contradiction, for I have seen this with my own eyes, and suffered the discrimination at first hand. From the country where hard work and enterprise were rewarded, we now have a system where hard work and enterprise are taxed, and taxed, and taxed yet again, all to pay out to those who come marching to the UK with their hands outstretched demanding that we pay them for the suffering they have endured in their own countries! 

At this point, some of you may well be thinking, "This guy is a racist," but you would be wrong! I have nothing against anybody wishing to uproot themselves and travel to a foreign country to start a new life and better theirs! I have never had a problem with this and never will have. My problem is with those who do not follow those agreed international laws about going about this process, who scream "racist" or "discrimination" because, after applying, they fail to meet the criteria! My problem is with those who think that if they bang on the door long enough, they have a right to live in this country! My problem is with those who exploit the international laws concerning refugees and asylum seekers for their own ends! My problem is with those who travel to this country and expect to live here for free, without contributing anything to the economy, at the expense of all of us taxpayers! My problem is with those who believe that they can then bring their entire families, once, twice, three times removed, into this country and for them to live here for free! My problem is with those elected into public office who then push their own, sometimes dangerous agendas upon the population! My problem is with those in public office who preach equal opportunities, but then tilt the table in favour of the immigrant, to the detriment of the citizen, and then label you a racist for questioning their actions! My problem is with those who come to live here, and then try to impose their own laws and cultures, instead of respecting and adhering to the laws of the land!

Do I sound peeved? Perhaps, maybe it is because, after serving my country in HM Forces, being urged and encouraged to work hard, show enterprise and promised the rewards of such endeavour, I am now faced with the very real prospect of becoming a forgotten, 4th class citizen, in my own country, when I retire. Maybe it is because I truly fear the unknown of what my country will become, when my son is my age! Perhaps, just perhaps, it is because I have seen my country go from greatness, economic stability, well-kept roads, funded infrastructure, to a point where it is rapidly descending into a vortex of multi-cultural crap! English will soon be the language of the minority in the UK, Caucasian will soon be the ethnic minority group, instead of England, this country will probably be renamed Englanistan, or Britistad, or even New Mecca? What has happened to my country?

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The Demise of Common Sense
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