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The Dangers of the Inaccurate Feminist Within Western Cultures

Some of the issues that may increase due to incorrect data being told to feminists throughout western cultures.

Before I get copious amounts of furious women, spamming my inbox with hate mail, drooling out the mouth with a rage stronger than Mike Tyson's left hook, sharing this article on their social media and perpetuating an increased amount of distaste for the topic, first listen to the facts, and the statistics. Then, by all means, write to me an edgy email, full of hate and fury, and we can attempt to have an intelligent conversation.

What I mean by the title of this article, is that feminism is commonly based around myth, rather than correct, visible statistics and data. I've had countless debates with women, where their arguments simply are not correct. I'll be explaining some of these below, and then examining the societal dangers that this could potentially encourage.

1. The Pay Gap

The pay gap has to be the first point that I believe must be addressed. This is simply due to the fact that women love deeply to reinforce this point when they are aiming to send any of the ''white privileged males'' into silence, as they dared to question the struggle of females' in the western culture. If males really did make £1 to every 77p that a female earns for the same job, in the same identical position, then this would not only be shamed all over headlines, but it would send the corporation's share holders', the CEO and the owner straight into jail, as this is completely illegal.

Where that statistic actually came at is slightly harder to understand. If you look at every female in the United Kingdom and every male and calculate how much both genders made that year, then yes, it looks something like a 23% difference (benefiting the male). However, this data does not go further, which is extremely damaging. Males statistically go for jobs which pay more, as in the back of their minds they will have to be financially supporting a family. In the work place, we can also start to understand where the 23% difference is highlighted. We see far more males being lawyers, investment bankers, and stock brokers than females, whilst in jobs such as care homes, we see a far greater amount of women. Sure, there is the typical feminist argument that females feel that after education, they could not achieve these high paying jobs due to male sexism, however, I personally find this very surprising and slightly insulting (as I am a male). This is due to the fact that Cornell University (one of the most trusted universities for research and data) has literally proved that females actually have a two to one advantage over males for achieving these jobs in interviews just for the gender that they are. To prove this, here is the exact quote found in the research:

''For decades, sexism in higher education has been blamed for blocking women from landing academic positions in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields.
But a new study by Cornell psychologists suggests that era has ended, finding in experiments with professors from 371 colleges and universities across the United States that science and engineering faculty preferred women two-to-one over identically qualified male candidates for assistant professor positions.'' (Boscia, 2017).

Additionally, when females are unable to work whilst pregnant, males continue to work. This, as well as the fact that women get 600 days of paternity leave, whilst males only get 60, which also dents the amount that females are earning throughout years. Furthermore, not only do females take longer holidays than males (statistically speaking), but more males are actually working than females. In 2012, even the BBC (known for being almost uncomfortably too politically correct) claimed that ''58% of the workforce are men and 42% are women'' (Easton, 2012), so of course, more males being paid than females would show that males are making more money, because they are. But not because women make less for the same job because that is completely illegal (unless the male asked for a pay rise after getting the job).

2. Rape Culture

This ideology, as well as the mythical pay gap, has got to be the most ludicrous feminist belief of them all. Firstly, and I speak for about 99.9% of males in western countries, if we saw, or knew of a guy that raped women, a group of us would either beat him up or tell the police. But most likely both. I am from the United Kingdom, and luckily for the British males, this myth is widely popular in America, rather than the UK. For that reason, this "rape culture" category will be devoted to the feminists of the US.

The idea that all women should be consistently paranoid and anxious that they will get raped by a male on a night out is unrealistic. In fact, data not only proves that actually ''more men are raped in the US than women'' (Daily Mail Reporter, 2013) but additionally that, ''according to the US Department of Justice, approximately 95% of all youth reporting staff sexual misconduct said they had been victimized by female staff.'' (NCFM, 2011) So whether a feminist is talking about boys or men, they are still experiencing becoming victims at a higher percent than females. These statistics are outrageous, and the only attempt to bring light to the topic was in a males activist meeting in the US, in which the feminist in the picture far above screamed in their face, and forced the meeting to end. You gotta love the hypocrisy of a passionate feminist that just wants equality for men and women.

3. #FreeTheNipple

Whilst modern day feminists could be fighting for protecting the right for women to be allowed full-time education in countries such as Cambodia, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Chad, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Egypt, or even Guatemala, they were protesting to not have to wear a bra or a shirt. This plan, of course, failed when logic took over. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see topless women every day, however, this is just not productive for males or females in any way. Males are far easier to be turned on my women. This is basic biology. In fact, Howard (2015) examines that it takes women ''20 minutes of foreplay to become completely aroused. Men, on the other hand, tend to get turned on a bit more quickly.'' The writing further concludes with that ''For men, on average, it's rather fast — touch, a thought, something visual can do the trick."

For one to understand the complete delusional stupidity of this feminist issue, one must first consider the reasoning behind this. The objective was continuing from "rape culture" where a woman should be able to wear what she pleases (or not wear), and not be raped. Additionally, I think it was also a petty attempt to say, ''Why can men be topless and not us?'' Well, here is why. Remember the Howard (2015) quote in the paragraph above? Straight men will be extremely attracted to topless, attractive women. So fortunately for the green haired, non-shaven, left wing feminist, they probably will slip under most males erections with ease. However, this will turn males on significantly. We get erections from a thought remember? (Howard, 2015).

Secondly, males gain four times the endorphins that women do to the same body part. When a female sees a males nipple, there is nothing sexual about that. When a straight male sees a female's nipple (or the whole breast), he gets extremely turned on. This is biology. Males get this due to the fact that back to cave men days, a woman with big breasts hds a high chance of being able to feed his child breast milk. Can they not see the hypocrisy, in which they are encouraging females to feel anxious that all men are violent rapists and will rape you if you get too drunk because you are wearing a short skirt, but then encouraging women to walk around topless whilst amongst these same ruthless, animalistic males? It does not make any sense.


I guess that my conclusion would be that these feminist myths are damaging the western culture's ideology of the male image. Women are being taught that they should embrace being overweight and that they don't need a boyfriend or husband, whilst consequently, statistics showing an increased amount of crippling anxiety and depression rates in single women over the age of 35, who have described the depression as ''unbearable'' to be in this position. (Notkin, 2012) It sounds to me like they do need a husband, just as males need females. We all need each other.

I realise the nature of this article was to debunk any feminist belief that was not factually correct; however, in my opinion, some feminists are doing amazing things for the world, such as the feminists who help and encourage women in the Middle-East to educate themselves further to achieve well-paying jobs. I saw them on the news a few months ago, but my memory has led me to forget their names. On top of this, I know that throughout the world in many countries, there are not equal rights between males and females, and feminism is needed right now more than ever, but in the places where it matters.

Although, the feminism that we are seeing in our western culture seems far from that one. With 92% of women explaining that they believe in equality between genders, and only 7% of women identifying as a feminist (in the UK), I think that it is clear, that feminism is slowly losing its credibility to actually want men and women to be equal, and equalists are gaining theirs.

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The Dangers of the Inaccurate Feminist Within Western Cultures
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