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The Conspiratorial

Are we manipulated?

We live in a world where our governments allow an elite number of men control over the many. Mostly through monetary measures, but also with war, terrorism and ultimately fear.

Our news is full of stories that our authorities condemn as conspiracy, yet these same stories keep throwing themselves into the limelight.

A few controversial people own over half of the world's wealth, yet pay no taxes. These people are well documented throughout history. So why do we the people allow this?

Whenever there is a terrorist attack or tragedy, some say this a diversion away from events that are happening behind the scenes. Bills passed by politicians whilst our eyes are looking elsewhere, especially when the media is filled with a story that will run day after day until nobody notices the change has occurred in the background.

We hear stories of countries and the terrible things that happen there. We watch as our troops move in and began the cleanup of these so called regimes. But was this war justified, and are the so called regimes really that bad? After wars these countries' central banks usually have new ownership. Then those countries also have assets stripped and people put in charge that will obey those who put them in that position. Are these wars nothing but a further way of gaining more profit? Or are the Elite using this as a game, seeing who can control the most countries?

Conspiracy theorists will sometimes search countless documents in search of truth, and even when publishing proof are often shot down and hindered from gaining further evidenced. They are called mad men or women and told how ridiculous they are, some even thrown out into the public eye and embarrassed on national TV.

But the problem is we believe those that discredit, but is this simply because they are able to throw out news and dictate its flow towards the masses? But why are authorities so quick to jump in and debunk some theories and not others? Surely those conspiracies will hit the mark sometimes, and maybe one or two are actually not such a tall tale?

For centuries we have allowed a certain few control over our everyday lives, they dictate or work hours, dictate our wealth. But who are these people? Some would say that these individuals are the contributors of our history and without them our world would not have developed into what it is today. Others would go so far as to say that these individuals are not of this world, that they were sent here to rule over us and control our minds.

Those that look between the lines often see a very different world. Some are consumed and look too deep into the darkness, they see a conspiracy around every corner and down every avenue and are mostly called insane. But then we also have those who worked in roles in the military or government who were well respected in their fields. Some on their deathbed who decided to release stories so that they can not be persecuted by those they report on. Then when those people pass away, they are deemed as delusional, or not of sound mind. Yet, it is a very well known that those who sense death need clarity and feel the need to clear their conscience, so should those that speak out when the fuse of mortality is about to extinguish be ignored? Or should we actually start to listen?

We have all heard of the masses of manipulation within government; in fact, we have also seen it. We watch as people are removed from positions in government for not agreeing with the principles of their heads of parties or those behind the scenes.

There are lots of tales that we readily agree upon; however, we have seen deceit, lies and complete farces unfold by the very government elected to lead; yet we totally disagree when certain stories are released that sound like something out of a spy movie or sci-fi show.

Do we allow this misconception validity? Why believe those known for lying on a constant basis, yet when others may have a story or possibly a sliver of truth about government movements or operations we completely ignore it as a stupid notion?

For a number of years people that have identified certain areas of governments for doing wrong have mysteriously disappeared or been found dead somewhere, and a lot of those deaths have gone unanswered, or one area of the world blames another. We see plenty of evidence of such on the Internet, some are conjecture but others may not be.

But our ability to sift through and try to find the truth is beginning to become hindered by the powers that be, as certain stories previously found are slowly disappearing. The Internet had an original belief a set of guidelines outlined as part of its vision, it was set to share free information, it became the Bible for those that look into conspiracy and try to find the truth, but thousands of stories have been confirmed as missing. Where did they go and why are those stories no longer available?

Are the likes of Facebook, Google and Twitter slowly coming under the control of the people who hold the real power? Recent changes to limit and remove certain stories or posts due to hatred or because they are deemed as fake news are coming into effect. So if they deem a story as fake, they have a right to remove this story, so all conspiracy theories can be deemed as fake and removed regardless of their authenticity.

This is how the world is beginning to control the previously uncontrollable social media world and in essence each of us.

Prepare for complete control as they drip feed stories only they want us to hear, and stop the real stories filtering into line of sight.

We have a right to free access to all stories, we can then look and believe in what we think is right and question the morality of others effectively, so why not let us decide what is real and fake?

Hitler had the Nazi's burn millions of books and the world was up in arms about it. It is still a part of our education, we are told how bad this was and how original text was destroyed never to be seen again. It is frowned upon still, yet we are allowing Internet moguls the right to basically do the same thing. They are technically burning our online books and stories and removing a massive knowledge base. So is this because many of the stories are fake news, or is it because many are in fact real and certain people want to limit the release of certain evidence?

Not only this they want to watch what Internet we use, is the for our protection or theirs? Are they in fact stopping our very own digital based revolution? Are they scared we are really beginning to find out exactly what those in charge have really been up to?

Or is this a conspiracy? One thing is true, however; it is time we asked why this is happening, time we realised that suppression of information comes directly out of the book of Nazi's. Free the Internet, not limit it! 

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