The Calm Before His Storm

Tr*mp's antics online continue to flood the media he so ruefully loves. As of late, his boyish taunts have surfaced in the captioning of a military cameo "the calm before the storm."

Tr*mp seen here during mid-transformation.

President Tr*mp has been a source of entertainment since his name appeared next to politicians on the Republican ticket, at first in comical sort of way. He has since, however, become the source of a much more sinister emotion: fear. Often referred to by the masses as a "loose cannon," or even a "Twitter Tyrant," he has continuously given those he is said to "lead” reason to be uneasy. As of late, his biggest contribution to the nation's anxiety has been a series of comments involving the nation’s state of “peace” and its military — a combination that has the entire world wondering just what the former game show host has in store.

Thursday evening Tr*mp hosted a dinner party with both high ranking military officers and their spouses, filling the room with as much ammunition and attention on the country and its gun rights as possible sing the tragedy of Las Vegas. At the conclusion of the evening, the president took the chance for a photo opportunity with people he proclaimed to be “… the world’s greatest military people in the room” to the press. Behind him, faces seemed amused, but tense.

When pressed by the press (pun intended) the former game show host refused to elaborate on his weirdly sinister comment, causing a small panic to ripple across the country. The comment is not the first time he has “poked the bear” that is the seemingly inevitable War the country is bound to begin; and it will not be the last. Tr*mp has not only teased of upcoming bombings countless times online, but he has also gone so far as to mock world leaders both for mere fun but in their times of need. Civilians of the US have made apparent, however, rather vocally at that, that they do not stand with their elected official’s often offensive comments and beliefs shared both in various outings and his personal/official media pages. 

His lack of support and awareness of the lunacy of both his words and actions has been so confusing and alarming to world leaders that even names with reputations similar to his are asking “What is going on?” North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, recently reached out to former American officials and leaders, asking if they had any indications as to what the new president intended to get accomplished. This slew of confusion on Un's end derives from Tr*mp's various "poke the bear" sort of comments since the North Korea's September testing of the hydrogen bomb. Since then, Tr*mp has made various comments and tweets indirectly attempting to send out an ominous message to his fellow leader, and to the rest of the world as well. 

At the end of the day, no one seems to know exactly what the nation’s future holds; only that it seems to lay in the hands of a man with either no plan at all or one bound to leave the country (and possibly the world) in smoke. The United States is seemingly more and more divided under the reign of Tr*mp, either blindly following the man through his ups and downs or frantically asking when the roller coaster will halt to reality again. Repeatedly the man in power has upped the stakes, proving time after time his unfamiliarity with the word remorse is not anywhere near close to being corrected. 

The surreal, chaotic experience that is the current state of the nation seems to grow more outlandish as time progresses. Because of this there is one thing the country seems to be able to agree on: the time for answers is now. The time to unite is on the horizon. This is just the beginning; this is just the calm before his storm. 

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The Calm Before His Storm
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