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The Bell Tolls at Midnight

Crisis Nation

For all that is good in the world, there continues to be so much sorrow, anguish, and misery. All across the land, millions anxiously await when their fortunes will turn around. It is always this time of year when one expects to find goodness, virtue, and joy, only to realize that all their hopes and dreams will never materialize. Now, as we close out another tumultuous year, a year that could show promise of better days ahead, yet the roadblocks continue to detour progress already made.

The engineers of a world gone astray continue to thwart all resistance that would otherwise ease the burden already placed on humanity. When the bell tolls at midnight on December 31, ushering in another year, our leader of political expediency has already pierced the hearts and hopes of millions who desperately thirst for an end to their anguish.

At this time of year, when we all should embrace the spirit of the season, there are still those who wield the ax of misfortune on so many. It is within the spirit of Christmas when goodness and joy ought to be ringing throughout the land, but instead we only find ourselves bewildered and perplexed by the way things really are. As we leave 2018 behind, our thoughts and prayers now hang in the balance of what this new year will bring. By all indications, we are entering a less stable and more insecure world. For millions, their hopes and dreams continue to wither and die on the vine of lost opportunities.

It is quite obvious the instigator of misfortune—who by the way resides in the White House—continues to be oblivious to the harsh realities that plague so many. With malaise toward all, the wheels of government have come to a screeching halt. And, as far back as anyone can remember, it has always been the mindset of many in government that has caused the reversal of fortunes for millions of Americans. Today, it is Trump and the spineless Republican members of Congress who have only exasperated an already deteriorating economy.

In true to form befitting Trump in displaying it is my way or the highway mentality, his way of expressing himself has only contributed to the rising tensions surrounding this administration and this nation. It is no wonder that we the people have a heightened sense of awareness of how this country can survive this Presidency. What we see today is an unhinged administration that is troubled enough, but is actually putting this nation in dangerous waters. The United States has undergone a very serious transformation from being a leader of the world to now one that is putting the whole world in danger.

Let us hope that when the bell tolls at midnight, ringing in the new year, that a newly elected Congress will right this ship of state and steer a course away from the unstable hands of an administration that continues to put this nation and the world in harms way. Only through decisive action by Congress this next year can this nation repel this administration's attempts at pushing an agenda that is actually doing the exact opposite of ushering in stability and prosperity for all, and not just the one percent.

Decisive action can only happen when there is a cohesiveness and a unity of purpose with a definitive plan of direction that details how to achieve the results that every American can realize. When that plan of direction is implemented, this nation can overcome the policies that have explicitly put the United States on the endangered nations list. To that end, this new Congress has to act with foresight and determination to implement National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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The Bell Tolls at Midnight
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