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The Audacity of Leadership

Our Leaders' Failure

For some time now, there has and continues to be such audacity of our leaders to presume that they have done no harm to the American way of life. In sharp contrast to their rhetoric, the United States is no longer the embodiment of the land of milk and honey and land of opportunity where anyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Today, too many don't even have bootstraps. The livelihoods and freedoms we once knew have been silenced by the political whims of the powers that be.

For too long the U.S. has ceased to be a united nation under God. The political fevers of today have assured America's decline. Many of us have witnessed the steady erosion of our liberties, our morals along with the standard of excellence that was once embedded in our schools. The shear audacity of leadership in congress and the Trump Administration has made the rest of us poor mortals languish in desperation hopelessly trapped in a world filled with anger, frustration and a complete lack of empathy for man and nature.

The audacity of leadership continues to show when they harbor no remorse, no conciliation and certainly no consideration for the millions of unfortunate souls that can't seem to get ahead no matter how hard they try. This has been going on for far too long. When our political process no longer ensures a better quality of life for each subsequent generation it is because of the audacity of leadership that has failed to deliver that quality of life for millions of Americans.

The audacity of leadership couldn't be more evident than what the Trump Administration has already done and not only on the domestic front. Internationally, it has put the world that much closer to igniting flames of destruction. Our political leaders in congress continue to show their audacity toward the majority of Americans as well by the shameful support of what the Trump Administration continues to promote.

His latest outburst, when he proposes that every person must have a photo ID to purchase the basic necessities, like food and such, indicates just how far America has drifted away from our core values when the original constitution was penned.

How did the United States succumb to the point that its days really are numbered? Is their a way to end this travesty perpetrated on the American public by a political process that showcases our leaders own audacity toward the population they are sworn to serve? And, a political process that has been corrupted?

As sobering as the times are, a ray of hope may be just around the corner. With mid-term elections forthcoming, now is the best chance to put an end to an administration and legislature that has failed to deliver on meaningful legislation that would elevate everyone's quality of life. The progressive agenda of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles Of Confederation, in which it details how to bring about the changes that are so desperately needed is the best hope this nation has to secure the future for us all.

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The Audacity of Leadership
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