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Thank You, President Trump, for 'The New Now'

It will belong to Whitey. I mean, it always did, but now it REALLY will.

Dear Donald,

As a White Male, I want to thank you, President Trump, for giving a voice to my concerns, my fears, and most importantly, my oppressions. Before you were president, it would have been hard to make a case that leftists were trying to suppress my freedom of speech. It would have been taboo to point out that women are biologically inferior, or that race has a biological component. It would have been alienating to point out that everyone wants to blame the white man for everything wrong in this great, great country. It would have taken serious guts—guts that I don’t have—to speak openly about the phenomena of black-on-black crime, the inherent violence of Islam, or the admirable qualities of Martin Shkreli.

But, since you’ve been president, these days represent “a new now.” Now, I can express my contempt, my suspicion, my sense of persecution, my rage, openly, and my white male friends can echo my sentiments freely. We can come together and hear one another as brothers, no longer lost, a shimmering fragment of our former (eternal!) glory reclaimed. A community has been rebuilt.

Now, we can take to the internet and expose the Liberals, the leftists, the SJWs, the feminists, the white knights, the cucks, the Cultural Marxists, the BLMers, any and all who question or threaten the superiority of this Western Civilization to which we all owe the debt of our very existence. We can place their names and personal information on public display and allow those freedom-fighting warriors of the internet, the Trolls, to threaten and thrash and throttle their high-minded mentalities into submission through open harassment online, or, even better, in real life.

And speaking of IRL, now that you preside over the norms and natures of America, white males like me can gather in public and demonstrate our White Male Pride, the pride that we have had to conceal like the leper hides his face for the last however many years of Cultural Marxist, liberal takeover.

At last, thanks to you, Mr. Trump, we redpillers and MGTOWers can stand against this dilution, this leftification, this pussification of what Makes America Great. We can take up our arms—our guns, our sticks, our knives, our bodies—and take the struggle to the streets with the state authorities at our backs. Our enemies are physically and morally weak: effeminate in essence, vegan in diet, pliable and hypocritical in moral character. Self-righteousness and sanctimony mark their every “argument,” and behind their idealist facade lies a basement-dwelling, lazy, emasculated, self-hating white man who has proven his destiny in life—nay, his goal—is to be crushed by a superior enemy.


For allowing this dichotomy to come to light, and for arming us with the main weapon in our ideological arsenal—“Might Is Right”—we are forever in your debt. In articulating our concerns, whether outright or in gentle code, you put us back in touch with our White Male humanity, a humanity that society has denied us for long enough.

With your help, we will win it back by Whatever Means Necessary: online, in the streets, in the halls of academia, in the homestead, in the media, and now, thanks to you, in the government. Few have stood so fearlessly for the rights of the many—the rights of the God-decreed majority—over the fretting of the few, who would continue to take from us all that we have built and earned through the sweat of our brow, while they, spoiled by Liberal mothering, expect Power, Greatness and Freedom to be handed to them, only to bite the hand that frees them.

With your blessing, we will show them that Freedom is not given; it is innate, and it is only expressed by crushing those who lack it.

Hail You!

With Love (no homo),


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Thank You, President Trump, for 'The New Now'
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