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Taxation with Fraudulent Representation

When Injustice Becomes a Law, Rebellion Becomes a Duty

In 1765, the colonists cited "taxation without representation" as one of the grievances which eventually led to the American revolution. England imposed taxes on the colonists although they had no  representatives in Parliament and their best interests were essentially of no matter to the Crown. They called this "tyranny" and rebelled against this form of government because it was unjust.

In 2017, we are again faced with a corrupt government that consistently ignores the needs and wants of the masses. Instead, our elected leaders barter their legislative voting power in exchange for campaign contributions and personal gain from wealthy corporations, individuals, and special interest groups.

The voice of the average American is muted because we cannot offer anything but our vote. Even if we vote against such corrupt, unscrupulous representatives, they have developed ways to manipulate our elections. Too many times, gerrymandering, registrar purges, ballot tampering, and outright cheating have declared victory for the least favorable candidate. When our vote ceases to be counted, this is when democracy dies.

Election results aside, there are many Americans who cast their votes for a candidate based on promises made during the campaign only to witness the elected representative fail to deliver and, in fact, do the complete opposite. For the voter, this violates a verbal contract made with the dishonest candidate. A vote is cast in good faith that the politician will do everything possible to deliver what was promised. While broken campaign promises are nothing new, the past decade has brought about a whole new level of political deception.

Our representation is now fraudulent. Politicians have achieved their power through corruption at the polls and dishonesty during the campaign. The best interests of over 90 percent of American citizens are consistently neglected to increase the wealth and influence of the richest and most affluent members of our nation. Greed has beaten democracy again and again, stripping us of our inalienable right to pursue happiness. One cannot pursue happiness when constantly struggling under oppressive leadership. When Citizens United was passed into law, the voices of average Americans were essentially silenced. Crony capitalism destroyed our democracy because money dictates how our representatives govern — billionaires and giant corporations are able to write huge checks so that their best interests are protected, almost always leaving average Americans unprotected and financially compromised. Democracy is not a "good" and should never be for sale. But the sad reality is that it has been sold.

In lieu of the current state of the union, we must now once again revolt against a government that does not represent what is best for all Americans. We must take back our power and the rights to the American dream. Our lives were meant for more than struggling for a meager existence that can be too easily snatched from our grasps. Before the middle class succumbs to extinction and the working poor work themselves to death, we must take action.

I ask that you read the following petition and, if you agree, please leave your name and email and anything you would like to add in the comments section. I realize what I am suggesting is drastic. But I feel that we are left with no other options.

Date: October 27, 2017

To: The Executive and Legislative Branches of the United States of America

From: Your Constituents

It is our belief that the majority of our elected government representation has become fraudulent. This is evidenced by:

  1. Questionable election results riddled with registrar purging, machine tampering, gerrymandering, and outright cheating. This has forced us to question the authenticity of the declared winner and the solidity of entire democracy. When our votes are not counted or blocked from being cast, how can we as Americans accept the fraudulent outcome and then be forced to suffer with its repercussions?
  2. Broken verbal contracts made to voters by candidates seeking office. While we accept that promises made to voters cannot always be fulfilled due to opposition from other branches of government, we have recently witnessed extraordinarily fraudulent politicians who, once elected, do the complete opposite of what they said they would do in exchange for our votes. In a court of law, verbal contracts are enforced even when there is little evidence that such contract exists. We believe that our elected representatives should be held accountable for the recorded and documented promises they make on the campaign trail. Shouldn't government officials be held to a higher standard of integrity, not lower?
  3. The protection and prioritization of the best interests of giant corporations, billionaires, and special interest groups. Campaign donations are the major factor in legislation that gets passed in the House and Senate. The average American cannot compete with the financial contributions made by such donors and, therefore, loses their representation. For most elected officials, it is more important to please their big dollar donors and ignore calls and letters from the voters. Losing money is much worse than losing a vote — especially when you can rig an election.

As a result of this fraudulent representation, we believe that we are being taxed unfairly for things that do not benefit and are not wanted by the majority of Americans. For instance, we do not want: an unnecessarily monstrous military complex, tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and big corporations, imprisonment of non-violent drug offenders, pipelines and fracking that destroys land and water supplies, inadequate healthcare, etc.

Since our representation has become fraudulent and no longer upholds the will of the people, we will no longer pay income taxes until our taxes go to pay for the following:

  • Healthcare. A single-payer healthcare program that provides coverage for all Americans and prescription medications that are priced comparatively to what is charged to other nations.
  • Education. Free public college or advanced training for all and increasing investment in public preK-12 schools.
  • Veterans Programs. Improve the lives of veterans who have served this country and take care of the families whose soldiers do not return.
  • Infrastructure/Alternative Energy. Improve our crumbling bridges, rusted rails, worn out roads, etc. and invest in decent public transportation. Decrease our dependency on fossil fuels by investing in solar and wind power.
  • Environment and Animal Conservation
  • Uplifting Welfare Programs. Create and sustain programs that move people above the poverty line and enhance the lives of our country's most vulnerable citizens.

Additionally, we want:

  • The immediate end to Citizens United.
  • Accountability of elected politicians for promises made to us in exchange for our votes.
  • Drastic improvement of the integrity of our elections; if necessary, enlisting the United Nations to act as a neutral third party safeguarding our ballots.
  • Equal and fair taxation of all corporations (40%), businesses (35%), American citizens (15%), and include places of worship with congregations exceeding 500 members (10%). Corporations and businesses should earn tax breaks or incentives by creating additional jobs, providing additional training for incumbent workers, and increasing wages for employees earning less than $100k per year. Likewise, profitable corporations and businesses should be penalized with higher tax rate if they eliminate full time jobs, fail to invest in employee training, or do not increase hourly wages. Places of worship will be exempt from taxation if at least 65% of money collected by members is utilized to assist needy members of the community and charity programs.
  • Mandatory $15 per hour federal minimum wage.
  • Significant reduction in military spending and decrease in the number of US military bases around the world.
  • Commitment to protect the environment through tougher regulations and an international partnership to reduce global warming.
  • Sensible gun regulations.
  • Regulations that ensure the food we consume is not poisoned with pesticides or harmful additives.
  • Citizen protection from any reckless or irresponsible actions committed by financial organizations.
  • Equal rights and justice for all Americans, regardless of race, color, creed, ethnicity, disability, gender, age, financial status, religious affiliation, political party, etc.
  • A ban on corporations owning and managing prisons with a shift in philosophy that stresses rehabilitation through education and counseling.
  • Tougher regulations that protect American jobs from being outsourced to other countries or given to foreign workers through J-9 work visas.

The United States was once the most admired, most respected nation in the world. We were the model that other countries strived to replicate. This is no longer the reality. Greed and corruption have created the most insidious disparity and threatens to destroy that for which our ancestors gave their lives. By continuing on our current course, we jeopardize the quality of American life for, not just the present generation, but for our future generations, as well. To do nothing – to embrace hopelessness and despair — is not an option.

When our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, they did not have our present-day America in mind. In fact, they would be appalled at the current state of our government and what has become of this nation. If we do not stand up to this tyranny, then we are not true Americans and we dishonor the very principles of American democracy.

No, we will no longer remain silent while our government continues to act against our best interests. Many of us have tried traditional tactics, but failed:

  • We have voted (or tried to vote) and you tampered with our elections.
  • We have supported candidates who reversed their positions once in office.
  • We have called, emailed, written, and confronted our representatives only to be ignored because money is more important than people.

You have left us with no other course of action. If money is what matters most, then perhaps the absence of our tax dollars will prompt you to listen to our voices.

We are willing to talk but we have compromised enough. It is now time for all of you — the President, Vice President, and each and every member of the House and Senate – to do your jobs and represent what is best for ALL Americans.


The American Revolutionists

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Taxation with Fraudulent Representation
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