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Michael Blair2 years ago
Trump Towers
There are times when we just know when something is wrong. Donald Trump is the epitome of wrong. In everything he does, he is wrong. Sadly, in his own mind, he is always right. Nothing can persuade hi...
Drew Bradford2 years ago
As of the day I initially started this article and the day I chose to complete it, this situation in the great country I live in has gone so many ways. The country has gone in circles as our supposed ...
Ian Stuart2 years ago
The Other Side of the Pond
It’s not the hair which worries me. It’s rather beautiful in a way - a candy floss creation of sweeping whirls and razor edges, re-created every day. It must take hours. It’s not the complexion either...
Drew Bradford2 years ago
The Neo-Nazi Propaganda Machine
We are allowing too much freedom of pushing his boundaries to this president. Point blank. Between his executive orders and the most important thing to me to express in this article, his Neo-Nazi Prop...
Michael Blair2 years ago
Tantrums and Trump
When a person takes up a position of power and responsibilities, one expects a certain manner. A way of putting people at ease and making them feel as if they are safe and cared about. Unfortunately, ...
Michael Blair2 years ago
Close to the Edge
All the signs are pointing toward a major confrontation between two forces of evil, locked in mortal combat for supremacy over the whole world. It looks as if the USA could be the first country to fal...
D D2 years ago
Strive for Perfection
After a historically crazy election, Donald Trump has been sworn in as President of the United States. Now, the public must hold him accountable to be the best president possible for all Americans. Re...