For Trump's Fans, foes, frenemies and Twitter followers.

Ryan McGregor5 days ago
America & the Arms- Ageddon
In current times, we face many different threats to our way of life, as well as how we operate globally. Not only on a physical level either, as with advancements in technology we've become at risk to...
Ben Kharakh8 days ago
Best Political Gifts For People Who Hate Trump
The perfect gift for the anti-Trump person in your life is going to help send a message to the dumpster fire in the White House. It's not going to be some wacky shirt or a Donald Trump blow up doll th...
Ben Kharakh19 days ago
Trump's Sexism and Misogyny
Donald Trump's sexism and misogyny is well documented. His attitude toward women is that they are less than him. He believes he's entitled to use women, comment on women's bodies, demean women from hi...
Ben Kharakh22 days ago
10 Things Trump Has Undone
Donald Trump is a brutal reminder of just how much ugliness exists beneath America’s shiny veneer. Behind all the culture, technology, and inspirational tales that the US exports to the rest of the wo...
Ben Kharakh24 days ago
Ways Donald Trump Is Making Himself Richer as the President
Donald Trump is a bigot who's been accused of sexual misconduct by 19 women. It's important to keep that information in the public's consciousness to balance out all the privilege afforded to him by A...
Ben Kharakha month ago
What We Got Out of Stormy Daniels' 60 Minutes Interview
As always, the cover up is worse than the crime. And when it comes to Donald Trump, the cover up is always bad. One would think that decades of having to cover his tracks would make Trump a master of ...
Juliana Oa month ago
Trump Is the Wake-Up Call We Needed
This country has always been known for its governmental particularity; a democratic nation which allows for the people to have a say on all things politics. Although it may not be exactly a direct dem...
Jason Anschutza month ago
Are We Living in a Disappearing Government?
We are living in a disappearing government and fading reality. Every day, the media tells people something that is not true. As a strong Democrat and conservative, making sense of that concept is extr...
Reid Moorea month ago
Play Six Degrees of Donald Trump
Anyone of a certain age (30-something and up) has probably played a popular parlor game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon at least once in their lives. For those not familiar with it, the game goes so...
Dan McGinnisa month ago
Out with the with the New
Just two months ago there was a Beltway rumor that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was about to quit or be fired. The White House denied it. Tillerson denied it. The State Department feigned ignor...
Dr. Williamsa month ago
Trump's Deception
It is becoming more apparent today that if a person is poor or becomes so impoverished, you are more than likely doomed to a life of misery and desolation. No longer are their avenues of opportunity a...
Dan McGinnisa month ago
Trump 2020
Write this down on your calendar: Donald Trump did NOT fly to Mar-A-Lago this past weekend. Instead, he ventured to Pennsylvania to hold a campaign rally for his 2020 re-election campaign. One year in...
Jesse Babudoha month ago
Campaign to Presidency, Political Uncertainty Under Trump
In 2016 Donald Trump entered office as a newbie, with no previous political experience, but well versed in business and reality TV. A year later, as the President of the United States, he is widely la...
Dan McGinnisa month ago
Unknown Unknowns
Let me get this straight. The American president and the North Korean dictator are going to sit down across from one another in May. Until then, North Korea promises no more missile launches or nuclear tests. If ever there was an example of a KNOWN UNKNOWN, this meeting will definitely be one of them. The North Korean leader supposedly issued a personal request to meet with the American president through South Korean intermediaries. The US was not party to the discussions, has no first-hand know...
Jonathan Sima month ago
The Biggest Lies that Trump Supporters Will Never Stop Believing
When covering President Trump, I usually try to remain fair to him. I have very strong opinions about him, and those thoughts aren't usually very pleasant, but I want to talk about his supporters toda...
Ryan Epps2 months ago
Celebrities Donald Trump Has Blocked on Twitter
He's used the social media website for a host of tirades, from calling out Kim Jon Un and then nicknaming him "Rocket Man," to blundering over the concept of a hurricane, then he's even gone bashing w...
Tim Bryce2 months ago
Mr. Trump Hits His Stride
The president's first year in office can be described as tumultuous, at the very least. He faced strong resistance from the Democrats in the form of protests, congressional attacks, fake news, and hav...
Sam Orr2 months ago
Only You Can Prevent the Trump Man
I wish I could go back to a few weeks before the James Comey memo about the other pointless emails that came out weeks before the 2016 election. I'd like to think that I could just sit back today and ...