For Trump's Fans, foes, frenemies and Twitter followers.

Nick Sonesa day ago
A Letter to a Divided Nation
To The Republic, What keeps this administration up at night are the poor and downtrodden in America, those souls who long to be free from their impoverishment. What keeps this administration up at nig...
Whitney Alesea month ago
Trump Has Been a Racist: Don't Get Distracted
If it has not been clear that the President of the United States is racist, we certainly learned that he was in his latest Tweets. He has spent the past couple of days unleashing racist attack, after ...
Brett Hogana month ago
#RESIST and the Splintering of Political Culture
How radicalization and fragmentation may destabilize the democrats and hinder the party in 2020
Christina St-Jean2 months ago
Donald Trump Blasts Bette Midler
One of the hardest things in the world to do when you've been shown to be wrong is to apologize, but after wrongfully attributing a quote to President Donald Trump, Bette Midler did exactly that. Not ...
I Lious2 months ago
Trump’s Second Term
As we all know by now Donald J Trump is the President. He ran a very controversial campaign and a lot of people including high-level politicians from both political parties said he would never win, wh...
Monique Star3 months ago
Words to Donald Trump
Dear Donald Trump, How does it feel knowing that you are contributing to women not feeling certain about themselves? With your history, you've encouraged men who only see women as objects to push thei...
Darrius Dickerson3 months ago
Dear Drumpf
It is to be cursed with a blessing to know your family’s true name in a world where you are deemed “Leader of the free world.” I pray that I’m not the one known for yelling “Fire!” in the church on ac...
Missy Conley3 months ago
Why Donald Trump Hates Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk
Really? Do you take us all for fools? Like we can't see that you and your pals are just so heavily invested in oil up to your eyelids that the last thing you want is for electric cars to make it here ...
Craig Middleton5 months ago
What are the Pros and Cons to Trump's Economic Plan?
The United States is experiencing a period of strong economic growth. In a recent speech, President Trump took credit for the strong economy. However, critics of President Trump believe that his polic...
William Turner5 months ago
Trump, Saudis, and Nukes, Oh My!
Is the nuclear power deal with Saudi Arabia finally too much for Republicans? Republicans love Donald Trump. They had no choice after he declared his candidacy. He won the Republican nomination with h...
Brittany D6 months ago
What It Means to Be a Trump Supporter...​
As children, we grow up learning through our parents. We learn by seeing, experiencing and what we are taught. Depending on where you are from and what era your parents were from depends on your upbri...
Michael Eric Ross6 months ago
Why Trump Bombed in Hanoi
When major summit meetings end as fast as the one just wrapped in Hanoi, it’s for one of two reasons: Either the summiteers realized they had no differences of opinion to slow things down, or they fou...
Paul Levinson6 months ago
Trump and the Media
A conversation about Trump and the media that took place last month.
betrus noslien6 months ago
Why Donald Trump's Border Bill Insistence Has Gone This Far
This past Friday, President Donald Trump declared a national state of emergency surrounding the homeland security bill he wasn't quite happy with. As he stated in his 2016 candidacy rallies, Donald Tr...
Christina St-Jean6 months ago
#NationalEmergency: Are We Surprised Trump's Gone This Far?
When I saw on Twitter that #NationalEmergency was trending, I had a sneaking hunch I knew why. Really, it's sad that the ongoing saga of funding for a wall along the United States' southern border has...
We've Been Trumped
The political aspect of the US took a turn after the 2016 presidential election when Donald Trump was announced the winner, and we are still talking about it. Whether that turn has, is, and will be go...
Brittany D7 months ago
A Letter to the Hero of Our Nation
Dear President Trump, Over the past couple of years, I've stood by and supported you through all your ideas and claims. Everything you've proposed I've supported first hand. I've defended you, taken a...
Kylee Treseder7 months ago
Dear Donald
Dear Donald J. Trump, I just wanted to take a minute to write you a sincere letter of congratulations for all the things that have happened in our country since you took your place as President. In yo...