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Mark Grigoriev9 days ago
Who Will Betray Trump and Putin?
A Ukrainian Scenario for Russia and America
J. P. Frattini17 days ago
Trump Derangement Syndrome
So apparently, the President has just become Dr. Trump because he's diagnosing the media and all of his critics with "Trump Derangement Syndrome." The symptoms as I can best describe them would be som...
Lady Sunday21 days ago
Trump's Faux Pas
As Trump's Presidency has unfolded, I watched and continue to watch and read about the distress the divide his Presidency has deepened in America. Or as some say, 'Murica.' I have also read as quite a...
Edward Anderson22 days ago
Trump and The LGBT Lie
If there's one thing that Trump can be counted on for, it’s lying and not keeping his word. Has this man kept his word on anything that he promised during the 2016 Presidential campaign? Mexico isn’t ...
Edward Anderson25 days ago
Open Letter to Treasonous Trump
It was bad enough that the election was stolen from the rightful winner, but Hillary made mistakes too. She got cocky and figured she had it in the bag and could help the down ticket. What’s worse is ...
Paul Levinsona month ago
Why Trump Loves Putin
Blackmail has often been cited, sometimes along with gratitude for the help Russia gave him in the 2016 election, as the reason Trump so adheres to Putin, as seen again in the Helsinki press conferenc...
Ellowen Opheliaa month ago
Why Illegal Immigrants Should Not Be Illegal
While many people are avid believers that illegal immigrants should remain illegal, a whopping 72 percent of Americans believe that all immigrants should be able to stay following proper documentation...
Alex Deea month ago
They Just Don't Get It
It's been 531 days since Donald Trump was sworn in as our commander in chief, and every single one has been doused in controversy. The right will convince you that your feminist, liberal ideas are a p...
Edward Anderson2 months ago
Open Letter to the Media
To Fellow Members of the Media: There is an issue that can no longer be ignored. It’s not that Susan Lucci isn’t the Oscar-Winner that she should be, though that is an issue for another day, the issue...
Stephen Walden2 months ago
President Trump, North Korea, and the Evangelical Base
The Trump administration focused on two primary talking points this past Friday: Jesus is fine with separating families who are fleeing horrific conditions. Americans should honor President Trump when...
E McNeal2 months ago
Dear Mr. Trump
Dear Donald, I’ve been putting off writing you this. I’ve been waiting for you to come around, but by now I’ve realized, that isn’t going to happen. And honestly that hurts me. I come from a family of...
Joshua Lowenberg2 months ago
Breaking: Trump Meets With Kim Jong Un, Kim Promises 'Complete Denuclearization'
The Singapore summit, which seemed a few weeks ago like it might not have happened after a cancellation by President Trump, saw President Donald Trump and Dictator Kim Jong Un hash out an agreement in...
Patrick Hollis2 months ago
US/North Korea Summit: Historic Agreement Would Be First of Many Steps to Peace
The impending meeting of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un is arguably one of the most significant in modern times. It shows either that old enemies are genuinely willing to discuss issues in person around...
Anna Lee Vaughn 2 months ago
Dear Donald
Many people have their different opinions on President Donald J. Trump. Some believe that he is a monster for securing our borders or for refusing to acknowledge gay pride month. Some believe that he ...
Ben Kharakh2 months ago
Craziest Pro-Trump Fan Art on the Internet
The internet is littered with pro-Trump fan art. Some of it is crudely photoshopped, other bits are political cartoons, and there are even painstakingly made portraits that reveal significant talent o...
Atheer Sadek2 months ago
Divorce in the Age of Trump
In December of 2016, Time Magazine, citing research from the National Center for Family and Marriage Research, reported that divorce rates had plummeted to a forty-year low and that marriage rates wer...
Michael Thielmann2 months ago
No One Cares About Trump's Affairs
I want to draw a very clear distinction between issues of morality and issues of legality as it pertains to the most publicized human being in modern history. If there is evidence and proof beyond a r...
Mallory Jones3 months ago
Why Won't He Leave Me Alone?
As I make my 40-minute drive home, I find myself not being able to ignore my wrist any longer. I’m not able to resist the constant vibrations even though I am almost home. I go ahead and scroll down o...