Politics does not dictate our collective cultural mindset as much as it simply reflects it; We've got to look in the mirror sometimes, and we've got one.

Stuck in the Middle
Politics. It's everywhere. Nobody likes it, yet everyone talks about it. Now more than ever it seems. Social media, news channels, billboards, shirts, everything bares the motos and names of politicia...
Tim Brycea year ago
The Smoke and Mirrors of the Democrats
Click for AUDIO VERSION. The Democrats are desperate. Regardless of what the mainstream media says, they are losing ground to the Republicans going into the 2018 midterm elections. We have discussed h...
Here Are the 6 Different Types of Conservative
When we think of conservatives, we all typically think of one set group of ideals. But in truth, the conservative movement is full of many different ideas, factions, and political stances.
Tim Brycea year ago
Fake Votes
Click for AUDIO VERSION. There is an old axiom in poker which says, "When your opponent is sitting there holding all the aces, there is only one thing left to do: kick over the table." In other words,...
Kate Kenyona year ago
Neoliberalism and Minimal State Intervention
It is suggested that we are currently living in the "age of Neoliberalism," a political concept drawing on the traditional ideas of economic liberalism, believing that states ought to intervene as lit...
Jack Holtona year ago
The Rising Power of the Turkish Kurds
In a country of almost 80 million, any Presidential candidate would be stupid to ignore 20 percent of their people. But that is what has happened to the Kurds in Turkey for decades. The Kurdish popula...
Tim Brycea year ago
The 2018 Midterms: What to Expect
Click for AUDIO VERSION. The Democrats want us to believe the midterm elections are all sewn up, and the Republicans should acquiesce and let Rep. Nancy Pelosi re-assume the Speaker of the House. In o...
Tim Brycea year ago
Reading Between the Political Lines
Click for AUDIO VERSION. I have discussed problems with the Main Stream Media (MSM) on more than one occasion, but as the midterm elections are rapidly approaching, I have spotted another example of m...
Tim Brycea year ago
Mr. Trump Versus the Democrats
Click for AUDIO VERSION. I had a friend recently comment to me, "The biggest threat to the Republicans maintaining control of the Congress is Donald Trump." Admittedly, he was never a fan of the presi...
Donald Graya year ago
Ways to Fix the Democratic Party
There's no hiding from it anymore: the DNC needs some R&R—or, something that can not only be of benefit, but of overall holistic change to the entirety of the party. While it's obvious that these adap...
Tim Brycea year ago
The Genius of Identity Politics
Click for AUDIO VERSION. I recently wrote a column describing the concept of "Old White Men" which is a mean-spirited attempt to discredit the wisdom of our elders, who are portrayed as stumbling bloc...
Peter Rosea year ago
Do Voters Study Policy?
Do voters actually study policy before deciding who to vote for? How much do we know? How much real information are we given about anything? Every day the media bombards us with news items. Every few ...
Katy Preena year ago
The State of the Welfare State
The UK welfare system has a lot of problems at the moment. The reasons behind those problems differ depending on one’s political outlook, but there are issues that need addressing whatever your views....
Identity Politics in a World of Individuals
I do not consider myself to be a political person by and large. I have a deep faith and belief in the self-governing power of human beings on a level playing field with little to no need for a central...
Tom Wyatta year ago
The Death of the Liberal Dream
"Liberalism here, as well as across Europe, is not faring well against the politics of fear." Those were the words spoken by Nick Clegg, former Liberal Democrat leader, after his party's catastrophic ...
Katy Preena year ago
Brexit — It Looks Like It's Happening
Both of the main political parties in the UK are committed to Brexit – well, sort of. The Tories more so, and I’m a little bit impressed that their pro-Remain MPs have been kept in line. Labour’s a bi...
Edwin Chaveza year ago
So Rich Yet So Poor
''Income Per Capita in Afghanistan''